How Much The Cast Gets Paid To Do The Show

Even though some Southern Charm stars aren’t as wealthy as they are made out to be, Bravo pays them a generous sum to appear on the reality show.

On Southern Charm, spoiled rich people behave badly in Charleston, South Carolina, and cast members like Shep Rose and Kathryn Dennis get paid a lot for acting up on the show. The series follows the cast members as they enjoy “old money” luxury. Southern Charm fans enjoy the narrative. They like watching the affluent group of friends living a high-priced lifestyle.

Unlike the Real Housewives franchise, Southern Charm seems to focus more on the drama that men cause due to their immaturity. Despite superficially pretending to meet the traditional standard of a “Southern gentleman,” many of the show’s male cast members are anything but respectable. As Cameran Eubanks says on the show, “The typical Charleston guy has PPS…Peter Pan Syndrome,” meaning an unwillingness to grow up. However, as with all reality shows, everything depicted onscreen is not real. The cast was assembled, with some couples moving to Charleston for the show. Some cast members aren’t actually rich, which means that they need their Southern Charm paychecks, and fans are curious about the size of those paychecks.

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It’s been reported by several sources that every member of Southern Charm’s main cast gets paid the same amount, which is $25,000 per episode. With past seasons ranging from ten to sixteen episodes, this means that each person can walk away with up to $400,000 for just one season’s work. While this may sound like a lot to the average person, to the cast members with genuine wealth, $25,000 per episode is just a drop in the bucket.

Despite this big paycheck, some cast members choose to leave the show. Only Shep Rose and Craig Conover have been part of the main cast for all seven seasons. Both of them have used the show as a springboard to build their careers and amass wealth. Conover reportedly has an estimated net worth of $400,000, which is relatively small compared to the rest of the cast. Therefore, the show’s big paycheck is probably significant to him. On the other hand, cast member Jenna King left after the first season. A source alleged that she was not wealthy at all. That source claimed she was put up in a fancy home by the production crew. However, the money she earned doing the show was apparently not enough to make her stay.

Southern Charm is the very definition of a guilty pleasure show. Bravo has yet to renew the show for season 8, but viewers are already speculating about what season 8 will be like. No one knows who will return or which cast members might be added. Anyone could be brought in because past participants have shown that you don’t have to be from Charleston or even be rich. The cast gets paid very well to sell the show’s narrative to viewers.

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