How Much The Average iPhone User Spent On iOS Apps In 2020

Due to COVID-19, 2020 was an unusual year overall, and the pandemic resulted in an extra increase in the amount spent by iPhone users on iOS apps.

The amount the average iPhone user spent on iOS apps last year reached a new record, according to the latest data. This shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, considering the amount of time people spend on their phones these days. Not to mention, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been increasingly turning to their devices and apps for communicating with others, entertainment, and more.

From social media services like TikTok and Snapchat, to apps designed to increase productivity, iPhone users have a wide variety of iOS apps to choose from. There are also plenty of apps to improve health and fitness, as well as educational apps. Some apps, like Yoga Down Dog, include free versions while also offering subscription tiers, while others take a more direct approach with in-app purchases. For the most part, apps aren’t very expensive, with the average app priced at roughly $0.94, and the average game costing $0.50.

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According to data from Sensor Tower, there was a 38-percent increase in the average amount of spending on apps in 2020, including in-app purchases and premium apps. This amounts to a total of $138 dollars spent per active iPhone user in the United States. The last time in-app purchases saw such a significant change was back in 2016, when the average spend rose from $33 annually to $47, resulting in a 42-percent increase. On average, consumer spending on apps has increased each year at around 20-percent and that’s unlikely to change soon, according to the report. Although, 2021 might see a less significant period of growth, due to public spaces open up once again and people actually spending more time off their phones.

Where iPhone Users Spent The Most

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Unsurprisingly, the iOS apps that saw the biggest influx of cash were games, climbing from $53.80 in 2019 to $76.80. At $15.50, puzzle games like Candy Crush Saga accounted for the greatest amount of spending within the category. Next was casino-based games, followed by strategy games. Social party games like Among Us, also saw a surge in popularity, along with open world adventure games, such as Minecraft – Pocket Edition.

As to be expected, entertainment apps also saw a boost last year, including streaming services like Disney+. Average spending in this category saw a 20-percent increase, from $8.10 last year to $10.20 in 2020. After entertainment, people spent the most on photo and video apps, followed by social networking apps and lifestyle apps. Although less growth in 2021 is to be expected as areas and lockdown restrictions continue to lift, it seems unlikely that the type of apps that have proven popular with iPhone users will change all that much.

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Source: Sensor Tower

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