How Much Rob Gronkowski Has Made In The NFL

How Much Rob Gronkowski Has Made In The NFL

Rob Gronkowski shocked the world of football by announcing its return to the grill. But rather than going back to the Patriots, Gronk follows his boyfriend Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. The Bucs already have O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate on their roster, but … well, none of these guys are five-time Pro Bowlers or three-time Super Bowl champion.

The Buccaneers sent a fourth-round pick to get Gronkowski and a seventh round. It’s a good business deal, but the Bucs will have to pay some way.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Gronkowski will honor his current contract for now. That means the Bucs will owe him $ 10 million this season. For comparison, Brate owes $ 4.25 million and Howard will earn $ 1.97 million in 2020.

how much rob gronkowski has made in the nfl

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Gronkowski has been absent from the 2019 season, but he’s already working again to play the form. For his regular-season career, he recorded 521 receptions, 7,861 yards and 79 touchdowns (and an additional rushing touchdown, for good measure). He also said that he had not spent a penny of his career earnings; all his purchases come from endorsement money.

In nine seasons, Gronkowski has earned $ 54 million. The tight end underlined the simplicity of the finances. He lives by a simple mantra: get what you need to be comfortable, then record everything else. It’s a state of mind similar to that of billionaires, and for a guy who has taken both party buses and cruises around the world, it’s a remarkably stable outlook.

Assuming the NFL season is going as planned, Gronk will add a nice chunk of change to his already sizable nest egg. And he will once again find the only quarterback he has ever known.

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