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How Much Do Belly Button Piercings Hurt? (Pain Guide)

The navel piercing scene has grown in popularity in recent years. It looks like you’re a celebrity, a young college student, or just a person who thinks that with some umbilical cord they’d look cool.

Although amid the excitement people have about getting their new umbilical jewelry, there also seems to be a lot of worry about how much navel piercings hurt. Let’s look at how tough you have to be to get your stomach pierced.

Will a navel piercing definitely hurt?

While you feel it is being done, the pain is subjective. We have all known people in our lives who could not endure pain at all. We know everyone else who appears to have unusually high pain tolerances, but most of us seem to fall in the middle of these two groups.

While there is a chance that you are one of those lucky people who will sail right through your navel piercing with little pain, most navel piercings will at least hurt a little.

How Bad Will Belly Button Piercing Pain Be?

Even if you are a person with less pain tolerance than the normal person, you shouldn’t be afraid to get your piercing done. The pain won’t be so bad that if you break down and cry in front of your piercer, you will embarrass yourself.

It might feel like a bee sting or get a vaccination while it’s happening. There will also be pain in the following days. On the whole, however, the pain probably won’t be half as bad as you can imagine, in part because the whole experience will be over so quickly.

Infected Industrial Piercing

What to expect in the shop

Your piercer will prepare your belly by sterilizing it with disinfectant. You should opt for a piercer who uses a hollow needle instead of a piercing gun.

A super sharp needle is much gentler on the tissue surrounding your abdomen than a piercing gun. This can lessen the pain in the days after the piercing.

Do not be concerned about the size of the needle. If you get squeamish about such things, look away and think of something else. Your piercer should be able to skillfully pass the needle through your skin in seconds. It won’t last long!

You will then be sent home with your follow-up instructions. You should follow these carefully so that you can recover infection-free.

How much do navel piercings hurt?

How long does a navel piercing hurt?

While the initial needle pain will go away in just a few seconds, your discomfort will linger a little longer. It will feel sore for a while afterwards.

This pain can vary from a few days to a week, depending on your pain tolerance and how strictly you are sticking to your aftercare instructions.

If you don’t take good care of your piercing and an infection sets in, you should be prepared for additional pain that will last longer. In addition, rejected belly button piercings are possible, which can also cause persistent pain.

What factors can influence navel piercing pain?

There are so many factors that can affect how much your navel piercing will hurt. Let’s look at some of the most common influencing factors.


When people are overtired, they become weaker. Everything seems harder and worse than it actually is. If you sleep well, you will feel much better with pain. When you get enough sleep, healing will take place faster, so your pain won’t last as long.

How healthy you are

Your physical condition can affect your pain level and the rate at which you heal. If you have diseases like diabetes it can slow your healing rate. This can lead to prolonged pain.

If you have used drugs or alcohol

You definitely want to turn off the drugs and alcohol during your recovery time. Both drugs and alcohol can slow your healing, and this can cause you more lasting pain.

When you are using a numbing product

Numbing creams are an effective way to help relieve your piercing pain. On the other hand, keep in mind that you want to avoid creams during the aftercare phase so that your piercing gets as much air as possible.

Keep in mind that if the piercing occurs, you may be able to dodge pain. However, you will have to deal with the pain as your stomach heals.

One of the most effective piercing numbing products out there is Numb 520 cream. The feedback hundreds of customers have left on this product is nothing short of brilliant.

Just follow the directions on the tubs, apply just before your piercing process begins, and look forward to a less painful experience.

Whether your piercer is using a gun or a needle

You definitely want to make sure that your piercer is using a hollow needle for your navel piercing. It is more hygienic and hurts less during the recovery phase because it is gentle on the tissue.

Less tissue damage means less pain and faster healing.

Whether you get a piercing or two

A double belly button piercing will likely hurt twice as much as a single one during the first piercing process. So keep this in mind if you want multiple piercings but also want to keep the amount of pain to a minimum.

Piercer experience

Have you ever had an IV and felt like a human pincushion from the fact that the nurse had to do so many tests on your arm before finding a vein? That depends on the experience.

A piercer is no different. They have different levels of experience that can make your piercing feel better or a lot worse. Do your research and choose your professional wisely.

Ways to deal with navel piercing pain

Whether you are a master at ignoring pain or falling apart at the first sight of a needle, there are some tried and tested tricks you can use to distract yourself from the pain.

Bring some tunes

Music gets people through some of the toughest times of their lives, whether they are dealing with emotional or physical pain.

Bring music that inspires or makes you harder – you will feel indestructible while the piercing is taking place.

Bring a wingman

Nobody likes going through tough times alone. Ask your piercer if you can bring a friend while you have your belly button done. It’s hard being a baby over something while one of your best friends is watching.

Think positive

This may seem like new age junk, but the power of positive thinking is a useful tool for dealing with difficult situations. If you convince yourself that something is not a problem, it is usually enough to get you through.

Security in numbers

It can be helpful to remember everyone who performed this procedure before you. It’s a brotherhood or a sisterhood. They were all in exactly the same place and will survive it just like them.

Have a snack

Before getting your belly button pierced, have a light snack. This will increase blood sugar and make you less likely to feel weak watching or feeling the needle go in.

Make yourself comfortable and breathe

Don’t wear tight clothing to get your piercing done. It may feel good on the way there, but you will regret it on the way back. Restrictive clothing rubs against your raw piercing, causing unnecessary pain.

When piercing, be sure to breathe slowly and deeply. It will help you overcome the pain.

Clean carefully

Cleaning your belly button piercing can be very painful for the first few days. So, if you are as gentle as possible in taking care of the area, you can keep the pain down during the initial healing process.


While piercing your belly button will be a bit painful for most people, it is nothing compared to any other pain you will encounter at some point in life.

Keeping your anxiety under control will make you feel a lot better about the procedure and the pain you will be in that first week.

Belly piercings hurt, but remember that the pain is temporary. Your awesome and beautiful piercing will last forever.

If you want to make sure your piercing is healing as well as possible, it is important to follow your piercer’s aftercare recommendations closely and invest in a quality aftercare solution to aid recovery.

The best piercing aftercare product that I have been able to use so far is the After Inked Piercing Aftercare Spray. It is not only vegan-friendly, but also completely free of alcohol and additives. The solution is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and comes in a generous spray bottle for easy application.

When used from the beginning, the spray will shorten healing times and aim to relieve persistent aches or pains.

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