How Matt James Is A Mama’s Boy Like Peter Weber

Fans are convinced Matt and Peter are mama’s boys, as both received last-minute advice from their mothers that changed the outcomes of their seasons.

The last two leads of The Bachelor, Matt James and Peter Weber, have both received last-minute advice from their mothers that changed the outcome of their seasons. While Peter’s decision was more contentious than Matt’s, both men seem like true mama’s boys. Matt’s indecision during his finale shows that his mom has just as much influence over him as Barb has over Peter.

On the finale of Matt James’ season, Michelle Young and Rachael Kirkconnell met his mother, Patty, and his brother, John. While Matt’s family liked both women, his mom wasn’t sold on the idea of engagement. She reminded Matt of the painful divorce she and his father experienced. Matt was very shaken by the conversation, telling Chris Harrison he wasn’t sure if he could continue on the show. He broke up with Michelle shortly after and didn’t show up to his final date with Rachael. Matt looked at engagement rings, but ended up asking Rachael to be his girlfriend at the end of the finale.

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Before his conversation with his mother, Matt was excited about his final two women and ready to propose. After their conversation, Matt had a completely different attitude about the finale. This was similar to Peter Weber’s experience after his final two girls met his family. His final two were Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett. His mother, Barb, loved Hannah Ann, but disliked Madison. Madi was Peter’s top choice at the time, but his family objected to how religious she was. Madi eliminated herself from the show after her encounter with Barb, and Peter proposed to Hannah Ann. He broke up with her shortly after, having obviously been influenced by Barb’s opinion.

Many fans were surprised at how much influence Peter’s mother had over his final decision and felt terrible for Hannah Ann. Matt’s decision not to propose to Rachael wasn’t met with anger from fans, but people were surprised at how much the conversation with his own mom affected him. Matt was open about his unresolved issues with his parent’s divorce, but his complete change of heart after speaking to his mother caught fans off guard. Matt said for most of the season that he was completely ready to propose. His change of heart shows he is similar to Peter in how much influence his mother has over him. Fans compared the two in a hilarious meme on Instagram.

If The Bachelor continues casting mama’s boys as the lead, maybe the women should focus on impressing their moms instead of the man himself. Leads frequently argue with their parents about which contestant they want to end up with, but younger guys like Peter fold under their family’s pressure. Women love a man who respects his mother, but not this much! Future Bachelor contestants, beware of a mama’s boy.

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