How Lorraine Pascale’s Absence Impacts Show

Lorraine Pascale could not attend this season of Spring Baking Championship thanks to travel restrictions. Her presence is dearly missed on the show.

Lorraine Pascal could not attend this season of Spring Baking Championship. The reasons were understandable – travel restrictions increased around the time of filming and American policies on stopping the viral spread of COVID-19 remain inconsistent. Still, something is missing from this season, as well as the previous season of Holiday Baking Championship. It wasn’t just that a portion of the show needed to account for social distancing and safe parameters. Viewers miss that gentle voice, even for the harshest critiques, and Lorraine’s lofty praise.

Lorraine has had an illustrious career. After being hired as a model for Versace, Lorraine has cultivated not only a career on the runway, but also a reputation in cinema and cooking. With more than a few cookbooks under her belt and three shows, she has certainly left her mark where food is concerned. Her videos on YouTube show ease with the camera, no matter the situation or context. Chef Lorraine, who was born and raised in the UK, couldn’t make it to the American show for filming, owing to the pandemic grounding travel.  London and the UK mandated that citizens could not travel internationally unless they had a legally permitted reason. Traveling to film a Food Network show does not seem to qualify, or it didn’t at the time of filming.

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Generally, on the show, Lorraine provides biting, but gentle honesty when giving her critiques. She knows her scones, thus setting the standards high for the braver contestants, but her tone will change course if she gets that proper buttery texture. Lorraine’s kindness stands in contrast to other celebrity chefs from the UK, such as Gordon Ramsay or Paul Hollywood. Both reserve their positive comments until someone truly earns them, and they will sometimes demonstrate more than a stiff upper lip when a dish displeases them. Lorraine also makes it clear she wants every baker to succeed at a challenge.

Lorraine isn’t afraid to get her hands covered in flour or to decorate. Sometimes a contestant will win ten minutes of her time, or ten minutes of Duff’s skill, to add the finishing touching to their main heat. Many opt for decorating, but Lorraine knows how to make batters taste delicious before they’re too late to change. It shows a level of modesty that contrasts with her elegant appearance. Lorraine shows no fear about the thought of getting splattered while in the kitchen. While Lorraine is certainly missed, the new blood on the show is more than ready to rise to the occasion. Kardea Brown has taken Lorraine’s place as judge, with a big smile and a cheerleading attitude for the contestants. She always looks forward to what they make, and keeps her critique gentle, even if she doesn’t like a dish. A viewer can’t help but smile when seeing her prepare to taste a new baked good.

One can hope that, if enough people abide by the restrictions and show common sense about social distancing the way that the Food Network has, then Lorraine can travel back and judge Spring Baking Championship next season. Better yet, it would be great if she and Kardea Brown could host a show together, as both women bring the positivity fans love.

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