How Lacey And Shane Bonded Through IVF Process

Life After Lockup star Lacey Whitlow spoke exclusively with ScreenRant and explained how she and Shane Whitlow bonded during their IVF process.

Lacey and Shane Whitlow recently welcomed their first child together. The married couple has shared the ups and downs of their marriage on Life After Lockup. But, cameras didn’t follow everything surrounding their pregnancy experience. While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant, Lacey opened up about how she and Shane bonded during their IVF process.

Since season two of Love After Lockup, Lacey has been transparent about her complicated love life. The mother of three was involved with two convicted felons at the same time when fans were first introduced to her. She was engaged to her longtime on-and-off boyfriend John Slater while also entertaining a romantic relationship with Shane. With Shane being released first, the two moved quickly in hooking up and falling more in love with each other. But, after John learned of Lacey’s cheating upon his released, he refused to back down with a fight. In the end, Lacey and Shane got married and have moved forward with their lives together.

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Season four ended with Lacey and Shane welcoming their daughter Summer Rayne Whitlow. The two were elated at her arrival and gushed over how in love they are with her. However, viewers have seen all the complications the couple faced with the pregnancy. They were initially expecting triplets but were told on camera that two of the embryos didn’t make it. While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant, Lacey spoke candidly about how the whole IVF process became a strong “bonding experience” for the pair. “Shane and I, we really wanted to have a baby,” she shared. “He definitely was excited when we got married; he wanted to have his own biological child.” 

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Lacey Whitlow Love After Lockup wedding veil

She went on to share the complications that occurred early on in her pregnancy. “Initially, I had a tubal reversal done, and we ended up getting pregnant with a tubal reversal,” she explained. “But the baby ended up being in my tube, so that didn’t worked out for us. When we went through that, it was really hard.” Once they moved on to IVF, the WeTV star says that worked out in more ways than one. “That led us to pursue IVF, and that by itself was just an incredible bonding experience and journey.” she revealed. “Because he became a pro at helping me with the injections; he did all of them. Creating these beautiful babies was just an amazing process, and I really think that it brought us closer together. Definitely.”

When it comes to if the couple plan on having any more children in the future, Lacey says they’re happy with their healthy baby girl. “I think our goal from the very beginning was to have one healthy baby,” she admitted. “That was our ultimate goal. So, who knows what the future holds? It’s a possibility, you never know.” Looks like Lacey isn’t weeding out the chances of welcoming another baby Whitlow.

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