How Jackie Called Out ‘Double Standard’ Surrounding Teresa’s Actions

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jackie Goldschneider called out the “double standards” she faces amid her feud with Teresa Giudice.

Teresa Giudice kicked off season 11 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey in a feud with Jackie Goldschneider due to the cheating rumors Teresa spread about her husband. As the two keep up their ongoing spat, Jackie is calling out the double standards” she feels she faces despite Teresa’s long history of bad girl behavior.

Since season 1 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa has made a name for herself as the franchise’s lead drama starter. Whether she was flipping a table while calling Danielle Staub a “prostitution wh*re” or teaming up with Kim D to confront her sister-in-law with rumors that she used to work as a stripper, Teresa has a reputation that proceeds her. Now, as the show’s last remaining OG housewife, Teresa showed she hasn’t gotten rusty with spreading rumors. On the season premiere, she was seen telling friends that she heard Evan Goldschneider “does stuff at the gym” with other women.

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The shady accusations have led to an ongoing back-and-forth between Teresa and Jackie that is sure to carry over into the reunion. During a recent appearance on Betches’ Mention It All podcast, Jackie shared her anxiety leading up to the highly-anticipated reunion showdown. “I’m thinking about the reunion every day,” the Bravo star revealed. “Obviously, we’re gonna address the issues, but I want it to be done in a respectable way. And I don’t want my family dragged anymore–I just think that’s very below the belt.” She acknowledged the verbal lashing she knows Teresa has waiting for her. “I know I’m gonna get into it with Teresa but I’m hoping she keeps it above board and does not try to drag my husband down anymore and isn’t super vicious,” Jackie said.

Jackie Goldschneider FROM RHONJ

Viewers have seen Jackie explained the “analogy” she used when defending herself from Teresa’s rumors. After claiming that she heard Teresa’s eldest daughter, Gia Giudice, does drugs in the bathroom at parties, Teresa hasn’t been open to hearing anything Jackie has to say. Additionally, many viewers have called Jackie out for bringing a child into the adult drama. “I have to defend myself but I don’t want to be vicious in return,” Jackie added before calling out the double-standard she faces for her actions despite Teresa’s long history of unruly onscreen behavior. “There’s also a double standard, clearly she can say whatever she wants, I can’t even mention the name of anyone in her family or I get attacked,” Jackie quipped.

Jackie was bold enough to go toe-to-toe with Teresa. But, the Fabulicious author is known to hold grudges and carry out feuds to the bitter end. While she has made peace with some of her past enemies over the years, Teresa shows that when you cross her, you lost her. Hopefully, she and Jackie can make amends at the reunion.

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Source: Mention It All

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