How European seed firm Connect Ventures finds ‘product-first’ founders

Connect Ventures, the London-based VC, which was an early investor in Citymapper and Typeform, announced last month a new $ 80 million fund to continue investing in “product-oriented” founders.

Launched in 2012, when there was a shortage of institutional capital at the seed stage in Europe and the micro VC was new in the region, Connect Ventures invests in B2B and consumer software across Europe , including SaaS, fintech, digital health and the “future of work”.

Throughout the company’s investment thesis is product-driven, with the belief that product-driven software entrepreneurs – or “product first” – are the types of founders most likely to transform the way we live and work on a large scale.

Connect Ventures finds ‘product-first’ founders
Connect Ventures finds ‘product-first’ founders

Connect Ventures makes fewer transactions per year than many start-up companies, promising to place bets in fewer start-up companies. He recently supported scaling-up startups such as Curve and TrueLayer. Keeping a compact portfolio allows the store to further support its investments to tip the scales towards success.

To learn more about Connect’s strategy for the future, I asked questions of partners Sitar Teli, Pietro Bezza and Rory Stirling. We covered what makes a product-oriented founder, the pros and cons of “conviction investing” and the next digital product opportunities in financial technology, health and the future of work.

TipsClear: Connect Ventures is positioning itself as a pan-European venture capitalist investing in “product-oriented” founders at the start-up stage. Can you be more specific regarding the size, geography and types of startups you are looking for?

Sitar Teli: Of course, I know that it can be difficult to differentiate the boot funds at first glance, so it’s worth digging in a single layer. Connect is a product-oriented, product-oriented, and thesis-oriented fund that invests across Europe. I know we will delve into some of these parts later, so I will focus on our investment strategy and what we are looking for. We run start-up tours of £ 1 to 2 million (sometimes less, sometimes more) and make 8-10 investments per year. Low volume, strong conviction, high support is the investment strategy that we have implemented since we started eight years ago.

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