How Does the Masked Singer Hide All Those Stars?

How Does the Masked Singer Hide All Those Stars?

Fox’s Masked Singer has become the hottest new show on American television. The series, which is based on a Korean program, has brought out many celebrities who don elaborate costumes and perform under masks. Among the stars who have performed on the Masked Singer in the past include Patti LaBelle, Kelly Osbourne, and Paul Schaffer. The show has even brought in some various non-singer or musician performers, including Laila Ali, Ricki Lake, and Terry Bradshaw.

But how does the Masked Singer manage to get so many stars? Better yet, how does the show keep all those identities a secret? The only way how people can figure out their identities is by seeing the reveals or figuring out who a person is based on the clues given out.

how does the masked singer hide all those stars?
masked singer hide all those stars

Carefully Planned Secrets

The Fox Alternative Entertainment production company works hard to ensure that all celebrities who appear on the program are kept a secret. The contracts that celebrities sign are arranged to ensure that people cannot reveal information on what they are doing with the show, or that they are travelling to where the show is being recorded. Also, people who do a post on social media must ensure that their messages are kept vague enough to where no one knows where they are.

The executive producers on the show state that only about twenty people know the identities of the masked singers. The protective effort ensures there’s no need to worry about what might happen. The work is impressive, given how well the show has been growing. While people on social media regularly try to figure out who’s on the show, there’s no telling who could be the answer.

Voice Controls

One other way how Fox keeps the celebrities a secret is by ensuring voice modulation routines are controlled well enough. There had been issues early on where people could easily tell the voices of some of the stars. By using further modulation efforts, it becomes harder for people to identify the singer without putting in lots of work.

Keeping the Clues In Check

The clues for the stars are also made to be as difficult as possible. There were worries that the clues were far too easy at the start, thus making it easier for people to guess the celebrities. By creating more challenging clues, it becomes harder for people to figure things out.

For instance, Chaka Khan had a clue where she says that she had a run-in with panellist Robin Thicke in Las Vegas. The clue referred to how Khan and Thicke performed together at the 2009 NHL awards ceremony. Meanwhile, one clue for Drew Carey made a reference to an accordion, an instrument that he plays.

There’s no telling as to who could be on the Masked Singer. But it takes a bit of effort for people to figure out the answers. The work that the people behind the Masked Singer are putting in ensures that people won’t get the right answers too soon.

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