How Do K-Pop Bands Get Their Rosters Filled?

How Do K-Pop Bands Get Their Rosters Filled?

Korean pop, or k-pop, has become increasingly popular throughout the world. The music entails groups of people performing together to perform songs. These k-pop groups include idol bands such as BTS, NCT 127, EXO, Blackpink, BIGBANG, and GOT7, to name a few. Many other idol bands have been around even longer. Groups like Girls Generation, Super Junior, and 2NE1 all formed in the 2000s.

korean pop
korean pop

One thing that is immediately noticeable about these groups is that they all have significant member rosters. Many groups have about five to eight members. Some bands are even larger than that. A peace had 27 members at one point, but it has since shrunk down to twelve.

Also, many of these groups have members that are replaced on occasion to feature other ones. Some people graduate from a contract, while others go on hiatus due to required military service obligations.

The steps for getting a k-pop band’s roster filled out are easy to note. Let’s look at what happens here:

A management agency will figure out the name of an act and the general layout for the group.

The individual group’s sound and general style of performance will be considered here.

The rules for how a band will look are set.

The rules for a band include the number of idols in a group and their ages. Some groups have limits as to how old a member can be. Many groups have rotating members due to some people becoming too old to perform. Sometimes a person might be recruited at fourteen or fifteen years of age. The idol would have to reach maturity to perform, but the general gauge of talent in a performer cannot be ignored.

Potential members, or idols, will be cast.

The agency will produce audition sessions for people who are interested in joining k-pop groups. In some cases, idols are found in the streets.

People are reviewed to figure out what roles they wish to play.

Some people can be singers, while others are MCs. There are also actors who focus more on the band’s image. Those actors may be dancers.

The members have to sign contracts.

The contracts can vary, but they may entail rules surrounding what people can and cannot do when performing. Some contracts also include things relating to touring, promotional efforts, and cases where a person has to take a hiatus due to military service needs. All male citizens between 18 to 28 years of age must spend two years in the military. Women don’t have to meet this standard, but they can if they wish.

All people will have to be trained.

The idols that enter these k-pop bands have to be trained to perform well. People have to study music and dance to ensure they can perform the songs they need to play. They may also be taught foreign languages to ensure their content can be visible well outside Korea. Japanese, Chinese, and English are among the languages people may learn.

The practice of filling k-pop band rosters is distinct, and it requires plenty of effort. But when all works out well, a group can make it big on the international stage.

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