How Castor Oil is Good for Health?

castor oil health benefitsCastor oil health benefits

Castor oil which is a pale yellowish thick liquid with a strong fragrance is extracted by the castor bean seeds castor oil is high in ricinoleic acid and vitamin E, A and several omega fatty acids. This oil is also known for its anti bacterial, anti fungal properties which makes eliminate the infection, inflammation and strengthening the immune system.These are some of the great health benefits of castor oil.

Here are some wonderful health benefits of castor oil, if you’re thinking how castor oil is beneficial for health.

Castor oil health benefit in constipation:

Castor oil is an effective laxative which when ingested helps make the bowl movement smoother and regular. It is very good to clean the colon and system which enhance the overall wellness and improvises the digestive system. Taking a teaspoonful of castor oil at night helps in proper bowel movement the next day.

Castor oil health benefit in arthritis:

Castor oil exhibits anti inflammatory properties which make this oil a good cure for the arthritis. The inflamed tissues causes pains and castor oil helps a lot in reducing the pain. Mild massaging the joints with slightly warm castor oil helps relieve the pain and joint tissue inflammation.

Inducing labour for pregnant women:

Health benefits of castor oil doesn’t stop here, it is also used to induce the labour for the pregnant women. The oil has ricinoleic acid which helps starting the labour and makes the overall delivery process smoother.

Increases immunity:

Castor oil also enhances the immunity of the body by elevating the count of the T 11 cells in the body along with the lymphocytes which lead to enhanced immunity to ward off common body problems on its own as the body’s internal defense mechanism gets strengthened.

Castor Oil benefits for Warts, Cysts and moles:

Castor oil also helps in removing the moles and warts on the body. It is suggested that applying the castor oil over the warts and the moles helps dissolving them effectively and their removal finally. Castor oil is also said to remove the cysts by dissolving them. Just add a pinch of baking soda in the castor oil and directly apply over the warts and moles.

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