Hot Wheels Unleashed Will Have Boss Fights

Hot Wheels Unleashed appears to be the greatest Hot Wheels game of all time as Milestone has a plethora of features to entice fans and gamers alike.

A showcase explained several features and upcoming content Hot Wheels Unleashed, including boss fights. Hot wheels has been one of Mattel’s best-selling franchises since its inception in 1968. With billions of toy cars sold worldwide and numerous companies in the entertainment industry, the brand is more popular than ever. Developer Milestone plans to use the brand’s history and future to create an experience that will appeal to fans of both Hot wheels and arcade racing can take advantage of it.

In the first gameplay trailer released for Hot Wheels Unleashed, mechanisms such as boost and drift were displayed. Additionally, the trailer gave a first look at what the cars would look like. Rather than real cars, vehicles mirror their real world counterparts. Complete with shimmering plastic bodies and wheels, the cars race the iconic orange tracks that have become the hallmark of everything Hot wheels together. However, there is more than just classic collector cars in this arcade racer.

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During GameSpotthe showcase of Hot Wheels UnleashedMilestone’s lead game designer Federico Cardini and executive producer Michele Caletti explained what players can expect from the game. Over 60 cars will be available at launch and over 40 tracks will be available to ride. Cars and tracks are customizable with the in-game editor, and creations can be posted online for other players to download. The way players get these vehicles is through the rewards of various game modes. Accompany a career mode, Hot Wheels Unleashed will have both online and local multiplayer, split-screen sofa play, and boss fights. How boss fights will be implemented in the game will be explained later in a video.

The game will also have DLC and expansions, including new cars, parts, tracks and more. Some DLC will be free, while others will be paid. More content is expected well beyond the launch date, the developers explained, but couldn’t comment further at the time. The in-game track editor is the same one used by Milestone to design tracks, giving players a suite of track pieces and obstacles to use. Cars will also have specific rarities, meaning some cars will be more difficult to unlock than others. More information will be released this month, according to the developers.

Hot wheels Unleashed is becoming the biggest Hot wheels game again, and all of today’s information highlights the developers’ passion for the brand and the game. Milestone has over 20 years of experience developing racing games, so the foundation is already there. What will or defend this game is the intended content, the flexibility of the track editor and the novelty of the vehicle. However, fans will have to wait to learn more about these features later this month.

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Hot Wheels Unleashed Releases September 30, 2021 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

: GameSpot

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