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What is Horace Grant’s Net Worth?

Horace Grant is a retired American basketball player with an estimated net worth of $35 million. While he is currently an advisor to the COO and president for the Chicago Bulls, Grant is most likely best known for his time within the NBA. After his time in the NCAA Division at Clemson University, Horace participated in teams such as the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers. He won four NBA championships in his entire career.

He was also a part of teams like The Orlando Magic and the Seattle Supersonics. He quit in 2004 following his playing career, which began in 1987. Power forward Grant was awarded All-Star honors back in 1994 and NBA All-Defensive 2nd Team honors four times. Grant was also the brother of Harvey Grant.

Early Life

Horace Junior Grant Sr. was born on July 4th, 1965, in Augusta, Georgia. Born with Horace’s twin brother Harvey, Horace and his family members would grow extremely athletic. Harvey was a player for 11 seasons within the NBA with Washington Wizards, the Portland Trail Blazers, and the Philadelphia 76ers. Three of Horace’s nieces became NBA players, too. Horace and Harvey were raised within Mitchell, Georgia, while going to the high school of Sparta, Georgia.

After graduation, Grant attended Clemson University and made several achievements with his Clemson Tigers’ basketball squad. The first Clemson Tigers player in ACC history to be the top scorer in the league for a score, rebounding, and field goals. By 1987, he’s taken his Tigers to appear in the NCAA Tournament while winning the ACC Player of the Year Award. He also received first-team All-ACC accolades. Grant is the only Clemson player named ACC Award for Player of the Year.

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horace grant net worth


Grant started his NBA career after being selected with his team, the Chicago Bulls, in 1987. Horace and Scottie Pippen joined forces to create a powerful offensive unit, and Horace was in a starter position in 1988. He, Pippen, and Jordan created a great trio. Horace played a significant role in the team’s defense. Over the next couple of seasons, Grant and the Bulls won 3 consecutive NBA championships between 1991 and 1993.

When he was famous for wearing goggles in games because of his myopia, despite having LASIK surgical eye treatment to improve his sight, Grant continued to wear goggles as an example for children with visual impairments. Jordan was eventually let go in the 1992-93 NBA season and left Horace to be one of Bull’s top players. In 1994, Jordan played for his first NBA All-Star Game for the first time and for the only time.

In 1994, Horace was released by Horace’s Bulls as a free agent and was swiftly signed in the Orlando Magic. Horace joined the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway and spent five years in Orlando. In the 1999-2000 season, Grant played for the Seattle Supersonics. After just one season, Grant was transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers, a player for just one season. While his time with the Lakers was short, Grant won another NBA championship as a player with the team.

Then he returned with his former team, the Orlando Magic, but that was a disastrous choice. He was sacked out of the squad in 2002 after the coach Don Rivers claimed that he hurt the team – even calling Grant the “cancer.” Following this event, Grant chose to retire, but he was able to spend only a short time with the Lakers during 2003-2004.

Salary and Earnings from Careers

In his professional career, Horace made $68 million as a salary. According to, the highest-paid seasons were 1998 and 1996, where he earned $14.8 or $14.3 million in salary base. This amounts to about $23 million per year in dollars today.

Jordan Rules Jordan Rules

It is widely believed that Grant contributed a significant portion of the sources in the book “The Jordan Rules” composed by Sam Smith. The book is regarded as controversial because of its poor portrayal of Michael Jordan. It also sheds light on fights between The Chicago Bulls, and it even relates an incident of Jordan punching a teammate. The book was generally regarded as fiction by the players who were members of the Chicago Bulls.

Real Estate

In 2016 they revealed that a house that Horace Grant owned had been listed for $11.9 million. The house is located inside The Orlando community in Winter Park, and it offers a range of facilities. It has a waterfall bar and seven bedrooms, and many more. In the past, the house was among the most expensive properties for sale within Central Florida. Grant originally bought the land for $1.3 million in the year 1995.

The home’s construction was completed in 2000. Horace was able to sell the house just four years following. Horace was able to sell it for $5 million, which gave the buyer a profit of seven figures for this real estate transaction. When the new owner purchased the property, they upgraded it further with an additional ballroom and kitchen large enough to hold 200 guests. The area now covers 17 649 square feet.

In 2020, they revealed 2020 that Horace Grant had listed property in California’s Central Coast area for $1.699 million. The five-bedroom residence covers 4200 acres of area. It is located in a secure community near Pismo Beach. It is also situated on five acres in the Arroyo Grande region and offers breathtaking views of the mountains surrounding it. Outside, there’s an outdoor stone terrace, a fireplace for the outdoor, as well as a playground and the sports court. House originally bought the house more than a decade ago to purchase $1.389 million, which implies that he could earn a modest return on the real estate transaction.

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