Homemade Under Eye Cream for Oily skin, Dry skin

Homemade Under Eye Cream for Oily skin and Dry skinHomemade Under Eye Cream

Under eye creams have become an important part of the skin care regimen as they prevent the line formations and delays the aging. Other than that these eye creams also reduce the darkness under the eyes known as dark circles which are very common these days due to less sleep and stress. So, with these many benefits it is good to use under eye creams but won’t that be good, if you can make your own under eye cream at home and save some money. Moreover that homemade under eye cream will also be free from chemicals and preservatives. So, here is how to prepare eye creams at home for oily and dry skin types. Even though the under eye areas do not have sebaceous glands still we are providing 2 different recipe, one for oily skin and then for dry skin to be safer.

Homemade Under Eye Cream for Dry skin


Almond oil


Procedure: Mix 2-3 drops of almond oil and 2 drops of vegetable glycerin. Mix it on the palm of your hand and apply under the eyes. Rub gently and massage this lotion. Apply some over the eyes as well, as there too can be skin darkening. Try this homemade eye cream every night before going to sleep.

Benefits: This eye cream will brighten the under eye skin and will also fade the dark circles. As this has almond oil which is loaded with vitamin E and other nutrients. Glycerin will help to moisturize the skin thus minimizes the chances of under eye wrinkling and line formation in a natural way.

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Homemade Under eye Cream for Oily skin


aloe vera gel

Vitamin E capsule

Procedure: Prick the Vitamin E oil capsule and scoop out 2 drops of vitamin E in your palm. Add 2 drops of aloe vera gel and mix with the finger. Apply this under the eyes with the ring finger and lightly massage. Use this eye cream daily before sleeping.

Benefits: Aloe vera gel is a light moisturizer that hydrates the under eye skin to keep it moisturized. You can apply aloe vera gel under the eyes for the day time. Vitamin E oil will help to fade any darkness and dark circles when this is used regularly.