Homemade Hair Conditioner for dry damaged hair and benefits

Homemade Hair Conditioner recipe and Benefits for damaged hairHomemade Hair Conditioners for dry damaged hair

Lately have you been suffering from dry damaged hair which are rough and split ends? The damage can be due to the excessive usage of heat and chemical styling or they can be due to not taking proper care of the hair which had caused the damaged hair condition. But all you need is a quick homemade herbal solution to repair your hair damage. In this post, we will be sharing some hair care tips and hair conditioner recipes that can be made at home and for that you need not splurge a lot of money. The ingredients can be obtained from your kitchen itself. Before that let us also tell you that you should take care of what you eat.

Take proper diet that consists of essential vitamins and nutrients which will give your hair a smoother and healthy texture. So let’s proceed with the natural hair conditioners for the damaged dry hair.

Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipe and Benefits for Damaged Hair

1. Homemade conditioner with Banana and Almond oil

Almond oil is loaded with Vitamin E and is great for dry damaged hair with splits ends and dry cuticles. Banana on the other hand is full of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and other nutrients. It gives a natural moisturization to the hair and skin. You may have heard, banana is used a lot for skin, in the same way; banana is also useful for hair.

  • Chop the banana and put that in the blender.
  • Blend it thoroughly and add 4 teaspoonful of almond oil.
  • You can also use avocado oil if you have.
  • Apply this paste on the hair especially on the ends and rinse off with normal water.
  • Blend the banana well else it will get difficult to get rid of the banana residue from the hair.

2. Hair conditioner with Amla juice and aloe vera juice

Mix equal quality of amla juice and aloe vera juice. You can also use aloe vera gel when aloe vera juice is not available. Apply this on the hair and keep for one hour. It revitalizes the damaged hair and prevents split ends. Wash with mild shampoo designed for damaged hair.

3. Olive Oil and coconut oil hair conditioner

Olive oil has vital ingredients that boost the hair with deep conditioning. When this olive oil is mixed with another equally powerful oil like coconut oil, it makes a great combination to repair damaged hair. This oil concoction also prevents the split ends and seals the hair cuticle. This treatment can be tried by taking equal quantities of both the olive oil and coconut oil depending on your hair length. Males with shorter hair can take one teaspoonful of both the oil and that will be sufficient. Warm the oils and massage the scalp and hair strands with this oil at night. Let the oils work overnight and shampoo the next morning.

4. Hibiscus for hair conditioning

Take some hibiscus flowers and leaves. Boil them in a cup of water till the water gets half a cup. Mash the soften flowers and leaves. Use this water and apply on the hair. Tie your hair in a bun and let this be work for 2 hours. This will revive and rejuvenate the dry damaged hair and frizzy hair.

Benefits of homemade hair conditioners

Natural hair conditioner deep conditions the hair. As they are devoid of harmful chemicals, they only hydrate and repair the damage. The hair conditioner helps minimize the damage as they are fortified with natural nutrients and minerals. They also make the cuticles smoother.

Precautions and steps to take for Dry damaged hair

  • Avoid heat styling treatments, they make damaged hair more damage and splits ends.
  • Do hot oil treatments one in a week.
  • When in sun exposure, use hair serum or leave in hair conditioner which seals the hair cuticle and prevents further damage.
  • Do not use drying shampoo and always use conditioner to keep hair hydrated.
  • Trim your hair once a month so that the spit ends can be minimized.

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