Home remedies to tighten sagging skin / loose skin

Home remedies to tighten sagging skin naturallyTighten sagging skin at home naturally

Sagging skin is a sign of skin aging. With age collagen production decreases due to which skin lacks its elasticity and sags or gets loose. For this we have lots of skin tightening creams and treatments like facial lifts, Botox and advanced clinical beauty procedures. But with the use of certain skin tightening natural treatments and home remedies can tighten sagging skin on the face, arms, neck, thighs, breasts, under the eyes etc to a good extent. Other than the aging factor skin can also sag due to excessive weight loss, after pregnancy, diet, or certain other factors. You may have seen that when skin sags, fine lines and wrinkle starts to show up. This is the main reason why the sagging skin looks bad and becomes a beauty concern for us. So, here we have shared some anti aging and skin tightening tips at home for the loose skin.

Best effective home remedies to tighten sagging skin or loose skin

1. Aloe vera gel and honey

Aloe vera gel is a good product to treat and tighten sagging skin. Take one teaspoonful of honey and same amount of aloe vera gel. Mix them and apply on face, arms or wherever you have sagging skin. Let this pack work for 30 minutes and then rinse with plain water. Honey tightens sagging skin and nourishes it to make it tighter. [Aloe vera face packs homemade]

2. Lemon juice and gram flour

Lemon juice is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Vitamin C is beneficial in increasing the collagen and elastin production which keep the skin tighter  and prevents the sagging skin. Gram flour has skin tightening effect and also deeply cleanse the sagging skin. It has also has skin firming benefits. Mix some besan with lemon juice to make paste. Apply this on the face and skin for 20 minutes and rinse off. Lemon juice alone can be used to massage the sagging skin to get the skin tightening benefits.

4. Orange juice and honey

Orange juice too is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants which helps getting rid of the free radicals which are one of the reasons for the cell aging and sagging of the skin. Mix some orange juice and hone and apply on the face, arms, sagging skin on the thighs, breast etc to tighten sagging skin. Though do not use the citrus fruits under the eyes to get rid of the sagging skin. It also has anti aging skin benefits.

5. Almond oil massage

Almond oil massage is an effective remedy to tighten sagging skin on almost every part of the body like the arms, tights face, under the eyes, breast etc. Other than the tightening of the sagging skin, almond oil massaging will also make the skin texture better and glowing. Night time and after the shower are the best times to massage with almond oil to tighten skin sagging. Youngsters can try this to prevent and delay the skin sagging.

6. Papaya juice and cinnamon

Papaya juice is an effective product to enhance the skin’s collagen production. It increases the skin’s elasticity so that the skin sagging can be prevented and delayed. Cinnamon has antioxidants and gives little plumping effect on the skin due to which the sagging skin appear younger and plump. Then the lines and wrinkles are lesser visible then skin appear tighter. Mix some papaya juice and a pinch of cinnamon powder. Apply on the skin and wash after 20 minutes to help tighten sagging skin.

7. Egg white

Egg white is the best home treatment to tighten sagging skin instantly. Egg white has skin firming and skin tightening effect hence, skin gets firmer and taut quickly. With regular use of egg white mask, skin becomes tighter and firm looking. It will also reduce the fine lines and wrinkles from the face, under the eyes and skin. Take some egg white and apply on the face as a mask. Let it get dry and then wash. Use these 2 times in a week to tighten sagging skin naturally. [face packs with egg]

8. Grapes

Grapes are rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids which exfoliates, peel offs the outer skin layer so that the skin looks plump and firm. This rejuvenates the skin and skin appears youthful and fresh. This grape fruit natural treatment will help tighten sagging skin with glow on the face. Take a grape and cut it. Use the juice to rub and massage on the skin daily at night for 10 minutes and then wash after 20 minutes to tighten sagging skin. [Anti aging skin care tips at home]

Additional tips to tighten sagging skin

Daily exercises for 15 – 20 minutes helps boost the blood circulation and sagging skin gets firmer.

Sun damage is also a cause for the sagging skin so to prevent the sagging of the skin. Apply SPF whenever you need to go out in the sun.

Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol or at least minimize it.

Use moisturiser on the face in the day and night time so that the skin stays supple and plump.

Go for a facial at least once in a month to help prevent the sagging of the skin

Try giving a 5 minute massage to your skin with a moisturizing skin cream every day at night or after coming out from the shower. This helps a lot in tightening sagging skin

Eat fresh fruits and vegetable s that the body gets enough of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

All these natural tips and home remedies will help to boost the collagen and elastin production which keep the skin tighter looking and good to tighten the sagging skin.

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