Home remedies for Fairness

Home remedies for Fairness

Home remedies for Fairness: Every girl is gorgeous in one or the other. The fact is that your daring attitude, dazzling and innocent smile and charming but distinct personality is what makes you so special for anyone to notice. These factors add a lot of gravity to your looks.

However, some other external and internal factors can dampen your looks and fairness. This makes it certain that we need to look around for effective home remedies that can help restore back that glow and fairness. Here in this article, we shall have a closer look at such home remedies.

Water – Magical Drink

On our planet, there certainly is no other drink that can be compared to water. Most professionals also suggest that you should try and drink as much water as possible daily. Water helps maintain the right moisture level of our skin. It is important to try and consume eight to nine glasses on daily basis.

It is also best to try and avoid drinking cold water. You can get best results if you are used to drinking normal water. One main benefit of drinking water is that it helps eliminate impurities from your body. It also cleanses your blood. This directly affects your skin as it makes it glow more.

Healthy foods

Applying expensive facial creams certainly does not make much difference, but a healthy diet can help maintain your skin. It is certain that you have to pamper your skin so it is healthy. Ensure your daily diet if Vitamin rich. Add more fruits to your diet.

Fruits contain reagents that can help offer more glow to your skin. You can eat a lot of Papaya and other anti-oxidant rich fruits. This will help in maintaining rich radiance on your face. Adding carrots can help maintain even tone as it is rich in vitamin c & A.

Vitamin Function Foods Rich in Vitamin
Vitamin A Helps in cell reproduction Gauva, Mango, Papaya, Tomatoes
Vitamin B1 Helps body cells to transform Carbs Dates, Guava, Orange,  Pineapple
Vitamin B2 Overall body care Dates, Lychee, Mango
Vitamin B3 Assists in proper functionality of skin Peach, dates, Avocado
Vitamin B5 Food metabolism and hormone functions Cherimoya, Dates, Broccoli, Corn
Vitamin B6 Helps in blood cell formations Banana, Grapes, Dates, Corn
Vitamin B9 Rejuvinates Cells in body Broccoli, Corn, Lychee, Mango, Orange
Vitamin B12 Helps improve metabolism Cow Milk, Eggs, Beef, Perch
Vitamin C Protects damaged skin cells Gauva, Mango, Papaya, Kiwi
Vitamin D Keeps blood clean Milk, Sun, Beef
Vitamin E Minimizes wrinkles and repairs skin Avocado, Berries, Pumpkin
Vitamin K Improves bone health Grapes, Kiwi, Mango

Avoid Sun?

Avoiding sunlight is not the solution for your skin problem. It is important that your skin needs to be exposed to sunlight. Your skin gets Vitamin D from sunlight. You need to go out in daylight daily but take little precautions. You should apply sunscreen before you go out in the daylight.

This will help prevent your skin from being exposed to pollution. You can have a perfectly healthy skin even when out in the sunlight. Apart from this before you go to bed ensure you clean your face with water. Wearing makeup before bedtime can leave your skin breathless.

Avoid saloons

It is best to avoid frequent visits at the saloon. In case you need to take care of your skin then you can use simple bleach at home for your skin. You can also make use of other home remedies that can help offer perfect glow to your skin. Visiting saloons very often can leave your skin damaged as you may not know what product they are using.

Most salons make use of cheaper products for facials and bleach. At home, you can trust that you have purchased the best product for your skin. The money you save by not visiting saloon can be used for purchasing the best skin care product.

Instant fairness home remedies

Here let us now look into some of the home remedies that can help offer instant fairness to your skin.

Curd Plus Orange

As mentioned in the table you can see that Orange is a good of Vitamin C. This has whitening properties so it helps offer glow to your skin. To prepare the face pack to follow the below-stated steps:-

  • Add little curd to a half spoon full of the crushed orange peel. It is best to dry the peel in sun for few days and then crush it to powder.
  • You can mix the mixture well by adding little or no water. This paste should be applied on the face and left for 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Once dried you should ensure that you clean it away with lukewarm water. This remedy will help in improving your facial glow.

Curd and Rava mix

To maintain clean skin you have to ensure to scrub it regularly. Over the counter scrubs certainly may not be best options. you can prepare scrub at home using simple rava and curd mix. This makes your skin flawless and improves its radiance.

  • You can add one spoon each of curd and rava in a small bowl. To make it more effective you should add a spoon of rose water.
  • After mixing it well you have to apply on your face and rub it gently. Take around 15 minutes before you wash your face with water. You will notice clean and clear skin instantly.

Tomato Papaya Mix

Both Tomato and papaya are good s of Vitamin C. This vitamin is an essential element for glowing skin. You can use these two fruits for preparing face mask at home.

  • Mix papaya slick and little tomato in a bowl. You can mash to form a thick paste. You have to use a brush to apply on your face.
  • Once applied you have to leave it for around 15 minutes and then wash with warm water.
  • Other ingredients like oatmeal and rose water can also be added to this mix.

Beet Blast

This remedy is good if you want to add blush to your skin. You need to mix beet paste and gram flour in a bowl. Both being rich in Vitamins and iron helps in cleansing skin.

  • The mix can be prepared in a bowl using grated beet and flour. Little turmeric and milk cream can also be added to this mix.
  • The fine paste should be applied to the face and left for around 10 minutes before washing.

Fairness Mask

You can prepare a delicious face mask using almonds and walnuts. This offers instant glow and fairness. You just need to follow the below-stated steps for preparation.

  • Soak almonds and walnuts in milk and blend to form a thick paste. A little amount of curd can also be added to the paste.
  • Before applying on your face you have to mix all these ingredients well. You can apply and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash away the mix using cold water only.

The secret for maintaining clean and clear skin is to eat a healthy diet and make use of home remedies for maintaining it. Avoid using commercial products as they contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals can damage your skin. Hope you enjoyed home remedies for fairness.

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