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Top 11 Home remedies to burn belly fat by Tips Clear

Top 11 Home remedies to burn belly fat by Tips Clear

Home remedies to burn belly fat Well, belly fat is also called as visceral fat. It deposits around the mid-section of our body. This is a major concern for a huge number of people. It makes you look really un-attractive. Apart from that, the belly fat increases blood pressure, diabetes and also the fatty liver disease. A lot of people are trying to deal with the belly fat these days. They diet as much as possible. But only diet is not the optimal solution for belly fat. Here in this article we are going to bring you the top 11 home remedies to burn belly fat. Have a look!

Home remedies to burn belly fat

  1. Get enough sleep

Al lot of people might think sleeping will increase your body weight and belly fat. But that is a sheer misconception. An adult human body sleep cycle can range from 90-110 minutes. And ideally you will need 7-9 hours of sleep, which means full five cycles. This helps the brain to function at its peak and burn out the stubborn belly fat more efficiently.

  1. Home exercises

You don’t need to spend hours in gym to reduce belly fat. Normal and simple home exercises are one of the best home remedies to burn belly fat. Try to take up 3-5 minute sets of exercises regularly. Some home exercises include running in a place for 5 minutes constantly, jump rope or doing the jumping jacks, doing a few sets of chair squats and even walking for 30 minutes regularly can burn out belly fat.

  1. Start your day with lemon juice

This is a really important therapy to eradicate the belly fat completely. Add some yellow lemon juice into a glass of water and then add some salt into it. If you continue drinking this regularly in the morning, you can rest assured that the metabolism will increase. And this lemon juice will eradicate belly fat in 2 months.

Honey Ginger Lemon

  1. Stay away from white rice

Yet another important home remedies to burn belly fat. You have to completely get rid of the white rice. White rice increases deposition of belly fat. You need to replace the white rice with different wheat products. This also includes the brown rice, brown bread, quinoa, oats and whole grains in your diet.

  1. Drinking plenty of water:

Sufficient amount of water every day will help you get rid of the belly fat. If you drink plenty of water at regular intervals, it removes the toxins from the body and enhances the body metabolism. The toxins increase the chance of fat deposition in our body. This is why drinking water is so important.

  1. Consume Almonds:

Almonds are one of the most natural home remedies to burn belly fat.It is because Almonds contain a huge amount of supplements like magnesium, Vitamin E, Protein, and Fiber. The fibers are easy to absorb. So chances of fat deposition within the body are zero. And since they are so rich in vitamins, proteins and magnesium, it keeps your belly full for a long time. This decreases body mass index and helps you to stay fit.

  1. Ginger and honey

Another natural home remedies to burn belly fat are adding steep water and ginger. Then add some honey and pepper in the mix. After that, simmer it for 5 minutes. And then drink the mixture. Honey will help in dissolving the fat while ginger and pepper will also enhance the metabolic rate.

Ginger and honey

  1. A mixture of Mint and honey

Add 1 tablespoon of honey and then add a pinch of pepper within it. Now you have to add some crushed mint into the mixture. Add some hot water and then let it be like that for 5 minutes. After that, stir it and drink it. This is one of the best solutions to get rid of belly fat. Mint soothes the abdomen. The honey and pepper present in it will dissolve the fat and enhance the metabolism.

  1. Cinnamon

This works as a great fat burner. You have to take ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder and then steep it for 5 minutes. Then, add a tablespoon of honey after you have strained the cinnamon water. Remember you have to drink this before breakfast and before going to bet. This is one of the best home remedies to burn belly fat.

  1. Garlic

If you want to get rid of belly fat at home, chewing garlic is a great option. Chew 3-4 garlic in morning and then drink lemon water. This will double up the process of your weight loss and increase the blood circulation within the body.


  1. Beans

Consuming beans regularly will help you in getting rid of the belly fat. The reason is, beans are rich in fibers, this makes the stomach full but you consume lesser calories through fibers. The lessor calories you consume which are easy to digest, the lesser are the chances of getting fat.

A tabular overview of home ingredients that can help you burn belly fat

SL NONatural ingredientsHow it helps to reduce belly fat
1.CucumberContains 96% of water and 45 calorie count. Raw cucumber helps you get a flat tummy.
2.AvocadoRich in fiber and monosaturated fatty acids to reduce belly fat.
3.OatsOats are rich in fiber
4.AppleContains potassium and vitamins that keeps your belly full
5.Cranberry JuiceRich in organic acids which works as digestive enzyme
6.Fish OilBurns down excess fat in tummy
7.Peanut butterBoosts metabolism. Contains niacin that avoids tummy bloating
8.EggsContains vitamin, calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and omega 3. All these burn tummy fat.
9.Green teaIt works as detoxifier that burns excess body fat
10.BerriesStrawberries, raspberries and blackberries contain fibers that fight cravings.
11.YogurtPlain Greek yogurt helps in reducing excess fat
12.Parsley JuiceIt works as a detoxifier that burns calories and fat
13.BananasBananas are rich in potassium and multivitamins which boosts metabolic rate and melts belly fat.


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