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11 Best home remedies for acidity: Instant relief remedies

11 Best home remedies for acidity: Instant relief remedies:

Home remedies for acidity: In this busy world, most of the people do suffer from acidity problems. Although this is a common problem, most of the people still suffer from this pain. When this issue arises, people will feel un easy and uncomfortable.

Home remedies for acidity
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This acidity is mainly caused because of the excess release of acids in the gastric glands. These gastric glands will cause the imbalance in your digestion. That is the reason why people will get the stomach ache, gas, bad breath and other symptoms when they get acidity.

The acidity is mainly occurred because of the excessive consumption of fried and spicy junk foods. It is also caused due to the less intake of water, and apart from that, you can get affected by acidity due to the improper intake of food.

If you don’t take food on time, then it will definitely cause you some gas issues in your digestion. That’s reason why elder people quite often say to eat food on time. Apart from these,  you can get acidity by taking excessive tea or coffee.

Even people who will drink excessive alcohol will also get acidity problems. Usually, when these gastric glands secret acids more than usual rate then people will experience acid reflux and heartburns that’s why you have to take proper care.

If you want to get rid of acidity, first of all, you should control your food diet. Apart from that you should control all your drinking habits and should reduce non-veg food intake. Because non-veg food will also create acidity problems that’s the reason why you should control that as well.

Along with these, you should also stop taking unhealthy soft drinks because soft drinks will spoil your digestive system.

Now, if you are already facing this acidity issues then just you can use a simple trick to get relief from acidity. That is, just take a glass of lukewarm water early in the morning and before going to bed. This will help your digestive system because water can neutralize acids in your body.

If you are the one who is seeking to get rid of this acidity problem, then you don’t worry. In this post we are producing  11 best home remedies for acidity. These 11 home remedies can help you to get quick and instant relief from the acidity problem.

The ingredients used in this is list is readily available in most of the houses that’s why I have mentioned these easy home remedies for acidity.

Let’s get into the list of the best natural remedies for acidity.

15 Best home remedies for acidity:

Before you use these qucik home remedies for acidity always do remember few things. Do not drink water during your meal  Or do not drink water immediately after having your meal. Although most of us commonly take water during food but this can lead to the improper digestion which causes acidity.

That’s why just try to avoid taking water when you are having your food.

Now, let’s get on the list of best home remedies for acidity in stomach:

Basil leaves:

Basil leaves are the best ingredients to get relief from the acidity. These basil leaves are having sooting and carminative properties that’s the reason why these basil leaves can give you instant relief from the gas, nausea, and acidity.


    • First of all, take 3-4 basil leaves and eat those leaves.
    • Make sure that you are chewing those basil leaves thoroughly.
    • If you don’t want to eat those basil leaves, then you are having another way to do consume basil leaves.
    • Take 4-5 basil leaves in a bowl of water.
    • Then boil that water for a couple of minutes.
    • After boiling that water, take that water and sip frequently.
    • If you don’t want to drink that water, then you can add 1 table spoon of honey to the water.
    • You shouldn’t use milk or sugar in this water. You should only use honey.
  • After adding honey just sip that water frequently.


Cinnamon is another ingredient which can help you to get rid of acidity. This cinnamon has antacids which contributes to remove the stomach gas instantly that’s the reason why I suggest to use cinnamon.  This gentle spice can help you in healing infections in the gastrointestinal tract.


  •    Firstly take a half tablespoon of cinnamon powder into the cup of water.
  •    Then boil the mixture of water and cinnamon for few minutes.
  •    After that drink that cinnamon water for two to three times a day.
  •    This cinnamon water is called as the cinnamon tea.
  •    Apart from this, you can also add the cinnamon powder to your salad or soup as well.


Fennel is another ingredient which helps to prevent acidity. This fennel is useful when you chew this fennel after your meals. If you are having any issues with chewing, then you can make a fennel tea, and you can drink that you get rid of digestive problems. This fennel is used because of its digestive properties.


  •    Firstly take some fennel and chew them after your meal.
  •    If you cant does that then take some fennel in a bowl of water.
  •    Boil the water for a couple of minutes and then take that water as tea.
  •    That’s the process of making fennel tea. In this process, you can add 1 table spoon of honey.

 Butter Milk:

Butter milk is always useful for health issues. Most of the people always prefer butter milk just to clear their stomach. This butter milk has lactic acids which help to neutralize acids in the gastric gland. That’s why butter milk is used to get relief from acidity.


  •    Firstly, you can either buy “prepared buttermilk” from the shop, or you can make the butter milk yourself.
  •    Take one tea spoon of fenugreek seeds and grind them and add some water.
  •    After adding some water, this will turn into the paste.
  •    Then mix it in a glass of plain buttermilk and then just drink that liquid to get instant relief from acidity.
  •    The second process you can simply drink plain buttermilk by adding little bit coriander leaves and black pepper.
  •    To get good results, drinking butter milk at least thrice a day is good for health.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is not only used in acidity problems in it also used in lots of skin related issues. This apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature, so this will have an alkalizing effect on the acidity. That’s the reason why it will help you to clear your stomach ache.


  •    First of all, take one or two table spoon of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
  •    Then add some water in that 1 table spoon of apple cider vinegar.
  •    And mix that mixture and then drink that water twice or thrice a day to get good results.
  •    If you are having issues with acidity, then you can drink that water before your meals as well.


Most of you might already be heard this technique with cloves because elders always use this method. If you don’t know then here, I will tell that process. Cloves usually have the carminative effect, and this property can help to alleviate acidity. That’s the reason why this is one of the popular methods among elders.


  •    Take three cloves and chew them thoroughly so that you extract all the juice from the clove.
  •    By drinking the juice, you can minimize the acidity.
  •    If you don’t want to chew them, then you can take those cloves, and you can crush them.
  •    After crushing them, you can add cardamom mixture to that.
  •    This helps to minimize the acidity problem, and it also gives you fresh breath.

Cumin Seeds:

Cumin seeds are another great alternative to get relief from the acidity. This cumin seeds can help you to treat acidity with its neutralization properties. That’s why using cumin seeds can help you to clear your digestion system.


  •    First of all, take cumin seeds and then roast them for a couple of minutes.
  •    Then crush those roasted cumin seeds and add them powder to the glass of water.
  •    After adding the powder to water stir that water and drink that after the meal to get good results.
  •    Another process of this cumin powder is you can boil one teaspoon of cumin seeds in a cup of water. Then you can drink that water by straining the mixture.
  •    You can even add coriander seed powder to this cumin seed powder. If you want you can even add sugar into that water.


Ginger is the other ingredient which can help you in lots of health issues. This ginger is having anti inflammatory properties that’s why this can help you to treat the acidity problem. Ginger can also neutralize all the stomach acids. So it is best to use the ginger for the acidity problems.


  •    Take a ginger and chop it into pieces.
  •    Now take one fresh slice of fresh ginger from cut pieces and chew that piece.
  •    By chewing this, you can reduce your acidity and get instant relief from pain.
  •    If you want you can put this ginger slices into a bowl of boiling water.
  •    And then you can drink that liquid after few minutes.
  •    If you repeat this process for twice or thrice a day, you can get good results.


Jaggery is rich in magnesium, and this can help you to boost your abdominal strength. That’s the reason why elders always suggest to take jaggery after finishing a meal. This jaggery helps in the digestive system gives excellent benefits and also keeps normal body temperature by neutralizing all the stomach acids.

Cold milk:

Milk is always a great ingredient for many health issues.  Generally, milk is rich in calcium, and this helps the human body to prevent all the build up acids in the stomach. To stay away from acidity just drink a glass of cold milk. This contributes to solving all soothing acid problems in the digestion system.

Coconut water

While writing this point, I remembered that most of my elders told me to drink coconut water. At that time I didn’t think it will be useful but after knowing about it. I realized that coconut water is valuable in solving health issues.

This coconut water is having the capability to manage your body’s PH acidic levels. That’s why using coconut water is useful, since the coconut water is rich in fibre it helps digestion system of human body and prevents excessive acids secretion.


These are the best home remedies for acidity. I hope you all liked this list of best home remedies to solve your acidity issues. All these methods are natural ways which can help you to get instant relief from the painful acidity problems.

If you like this list of best home remedies for acidity. Then please share this post with your friends and family. So that we can create more fresh and new content for you.  

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