Pug Training Points

Pug Training Points: Perhaps one of the most frustrating issues you can encounter in training your pug is housetraining. Pugs can be very stubborn and it is easy to Forget about housetraining and just hope things will go well. You need to realize that you must start housetraining the pug right away and you must … Read more

Citronella Bark Collar

Citronella Bark Collar: Barking is one of the normal habits of all kinds of dogs. You will get annoyed and irritated if your dog barks over and over again. Especially when you are at sleep and you will get distracted of your dog’s noise. A lot of companies today have come up with Citronella Bark … Read more

How to Stop Jack Russell Biting

How to Stop Jack Russell Biting: Jack Russell biting is an issue pet owners really do need to concern themselves with. This kind of behavior is a common problem and really should not go uncurbed. Because Jack Russells are known as very energetic dogs, they can get you into trouble if you allow your dog to … Read more

Dog Training and Obedience – escalator Effect

Dog Training and Obedience: For those of you who are having problems in teaching your pet dog obedience and aggression training and for those of you who have face problems of barking and unnecessary aggression, and for those of you whose pet is still a puppy but has developed aggressive behaviors, I want to tell you … Read more

How to Train Your Dog from Biting Lesson 2

How to Train Your Dog from Biting Lesson 2 Puppy biting is a common problem for many families. A mother dog that allows her puppies to mouth her when she tries to play with them is sending strong signals to them that biting is okay. If a puppy mouths her mother it is a punishment, … Read more

The Ideal Solution for keeping your Dog Safe and Sound

The Ideal Solution for keeping your Dog Safe and Sound Pets like dogs feel like a part of the family and losing them is one of the worst experiences ever. Due to the changing technology, gadgets like GPS trackers for dogs have been developed to help trace the whereabouts of a dog. GPS dog trackers … Read more

Tips for Dog Breeding

Are you new at this, or have other people told you that you cannot breed your dog or breed puppies without knowing ethical practices? While there are no particular laws that say you cannot breed dogs or puppies without knowing ethical practices, there are general principles (which apply to all areas of dog breeding) that … Read more

Ringworm in Dogs: What to Look For and How to Treat

Ringworm in dogs is a very common fungal infection that is highly infectious. There is an incubation period of approximately two weeks from the time the fungus becomes active. During this period, you can have contact with your pet and the spores will be transferred to you. The problem is that once the fungi are … Read more

Why Does My Dog Sniff Everything?

If you are a dog owner, you probably already know why it is important to keep your dog on a regular schedule of professional dog sniffs. The importance of routine sniffs should not be underestimated. It is very important for your dog’s health that you do what you can to prevent disease and illness from affecting … Read more