10 Advanced Essential Spring Gardening Tasks

Spring Gardening: Spring is the most active time to be in the garden. Using all the pent-up energy we’ve accrued over winter, let’s head outdoors to clean out and prepare our garden beds, repair hardscaping, do a little pruning and moving, and start the growing season off right. Spring Garden Spring is the perfect time … Read more

11 Tree Cutting Tools for Cutting Down Trees

Tree Cutting Tools: When it comes to cutting down trees, there are many different tree cutting tools available on the market. It can be confusing to know which one to choose. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of the best 11 tree cutting tools to help make your decision easier. From chainsaws to hand … Read more

Tips for Creating an Easy-to-Manage Cottage Garden Filled with Flowers

While formal gardens emphasize order and defined spaces, cottage gardens bloom in a cheerful mix of flowers that offer various textures and hues. Darrell Trout, a passionate gardener, writer, lecturer, and speaker, says that cottage gardens are “relaxed and colorful” and that they can be fun to grow. Cottage gardens tend to require less maintenance because … Read more

An Introduction to Herbs

An Introduction to Herbs: Before you take to growing your own herbs, it is important to know what herbs you want to grow. This includes deciding on the type of herbs you want to grow, whether you want to start from seeds or plant young, and finally where you want to place your garden. There are … Read more

Designing Your Garden – Some Useful Tips

Designing Your Garden – There are many ways to approach your garden design. The first thing you need to consider is the end goal. This could be a newly designed garden, an overhaul of your existing garden, or a completed redesign. You also need to consider the type of person that you are and the personality … Read more

What is Soil in the Victory Garden?

In a recent article, “The Soil for Organic Gardens,” I outlined the basics of what soils are and said, “a good healthy soil is one that is full of life.” In so far as soils are concerned, my friend is correct. Think of your soil as a bank. You can always build on top of … Read more

Growing Organic Mushrooms – 3 Great Tips

Growing Organic Mushrooms -Have you tried growing mushroom? They are so delicious; definitely complete palate. If you are fond of mushroom, then you must follow some ways to grow them. Since many of us do not live in mushroom growing country, we do not have direct access to those truly edible mushrooms. Fortunately, we can … Read more

Why Grow Organic?

Why Grow Organic? Some first time gardeners might wonder why they should bother growing something organically. They wonder if it really costs that much extra money. Well, that’s a question best answered with a question and here’s a question for you to think about- why grow organic at all? It can be a little expensive … Read more