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Home Design 101: Hardwood Furniture

A dream home will not be complete without the right furniture, and spending quality hardwood furniture that looks good is highly recommended. Although very expensive, it is durable and easy to maintain, making it a worthwhile investment.

Oxford defines furniture as “large moving equipment, such as tables and chairs, used to make a home, office or other space suitable for living or working”. Simply, it aims to make life easy and comfortable. Wood is a basic element in the creation and design of furniture. This is an important factor in determining the strength and beauty of the final product. The products of artisans and woodworkers can be made from softwood or hardwood furniture.

In general, hardwood is harder than softwood. However, this is not always true as the main distinction was not in the strength or level of hardness of the wood but in the way the wood is produced. Hardwood is an angiosperm, which reproduces through flowers while softwood is gymnosperms, which reproduces through seeds. Hardwoods have more complex structures than softwoods. It can be characterized by the presence of pores. Besides making furniture, hardwood is also used as fuel.

It is interesting that when you study furniture design you will find that one way to explain the history of furniture is to categorize it according to the wood species that are dominant at a certain point in time and that the three groups identified are hardwood varieties – the age of oak, the age of walnut, and the age of mahogany and satin wood. It only proves that hardwood furniture can transcend time. The design may vary, but the essential ingredient is always the same.

Examples of wood species used in making hardwood furniture are ash, birch, cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, poplar, teak, and walnut. Those made from ash will most likely be pale brown in color while mahogany will have a reddish brown to dark red tint. Poplar is quite soft than other hardwood varieties. Among the wood species available, oak is the most used wood.

Craftsmen can create the best hardwood furniture for your home, but it’s always up to us to make sure it retains its natural beauty. Here are some recommended techniques to increase the life of your hardwood furniture:

1. Use an appropriate wax polish to help the wood acclimate to its surroundings. Fresh wood contains a lot of water, and lumber companies take a long time to ensure that the wood dries properly by retaining a certain amount of moisture necessary for the wood to breathe. Using the correct wax will nourish the wood and help it retain its natural beauty. It is recommended to apply the wax immediately after receiving the hardwood furniture and then repeat the process every three months. Remember to use the proper varnish and don’t just use a solvent or cleaning product as this can damage hardwood furniture.

2. Use placemats, tablecloths, coasters and the like to protect the hardwood cabinet surface from spills. Soak up any spills and immediately clean the surface with a soft, damp cloth so that no unnecessary marks are visible on the surface.

3. Finally, be aware of where you will place your hardwood furniture. Direct sunlight and exposure to heating and conditioning vents will cause discoloration in the finish.

Hardwood furniture provides optimum value for your money. With proper care, they will last for generations.

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