Can Your Home Assistant Device Get Triggered By the Wrong Words?

Can Your Home Assistant Device Get Triggered By the Wrong Words?

There’s a possibility that the home assistant device you use in your home might be triggered by certain words. These words will make it easier for your device to listen to what you are saying, even when you are not trying to interact with that device.

You have to be cautious when using a home assistant, as it could transfer your words to a third party. That party can then transcribe your words and record whatever you are saying.

The problem is that it doesn’t take long for a device to notice what you’re saying and print the wrong thing out. Not all smart devices will let you adjust the critical word either. You would have to watch where you’re going with your assistant device and that you don’t use it improperly.

Home Assistant Device Get Triggered By the Wrong Words
Home Assistant Device Get Triggered By the Wrong Words

Similar to Wake Words

Each smart home assistant features a few wake words. You would say one of these words to trigger the device and have it listen to you. Amazon Alexa can respond to words like Amazon, Echo, or computer. Meanwhile, a Google Home device can respond to “OK Google” and “Hey Google.”

But sometimes words that sound similar could start up a device. Alexa may be triggered by “gecko” or “art deco,” what with those sounding similar to “Echo.”

Google Home devices may also be triggered by various words similar to Google. Words like “bugle” and “noodle” could start up a Google device.

Siri may also be activated by some words. While someone would say “Hey Siri” to get it active, other words like “Hey Series” or “Hey Seriously” could also cause the device to start up.

What About the Television?

A television set will not trigger your home assistant, as the set will project sound at a frequency different from what home assistants can notice. Therefore, you should not worry about what your television set is projecting. While some advertisements for such products will say trigger words, your device will not collect them. The same thing goes for radio receivers and other digital devices.

Can You Change the Word?

It is possible for you to change the trigger word on your device. But not all models let you do this. Google will not let people change their trigger words. But you can do the same with Alexa and Siri devices. You’ll have to look at proper words that fit your needs.

Siri users probably won’t have to worry about this point, as it “Siri” is easy to distinguish a word. But for Alexa, it helps to look at other options just to be safe. Since Google isn’t going to let you change things, you have to note what you’re doing when using the device.

You will need to watch for how you speak near smart assistance if you want it to work well. The possibility of a device reading something you say can be substantial. Knowing what can happen is key to making your device work without responding far too much to what you’re trying to do with the setup.

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