Holy Cow, These Are Unusual Business Ideas!

An unusual idea doesn’t have to be a bad idea. World-wide every day people just like you and me are coming up with unusual ideas that end up making them very successful. In this article I’m going to talk about a couple of great examples of unusual business ideas that have to do with cows. Read on to see what I’m talking about.

Unusual Business Idea – Dung to be Exported

What entrepreneur in another country could take this idea and turn it into an export business? Authorities in New Delhi plan to export cow dung and urine to the United States.

Produced by the thousands of stray cattle on the city’s roads, the dung will be processed into compost and the urine converted into a biopesticide. Officials say the initiative is intended not only to earn money but also to address the problem of the city’s 35,000 stray cows.

The civic agency is in the process of purchasing hydraulic trucks so it can catch stray cattle and transport them to shelters in and around Delhi.

Vardhman Bapna, a spokesman for the Morarka Foundation that is working on the project, told The Times of India: “While there is no dearth of cows in the US, the demand for Indian cow dung there is quite high.” He added that chemical analysis reveals the dung of the Indian cow scores over the US version by way of organic content.

Unusual Business Idea – Rent-A-Cow

Cheese lovers can rent their very own cheesemaker – a brown-and-white cow living on a Swiss mountain. Dairy farmer Paul Wyler offers his cows for rent on the Internet, with all the cheese they produce going to the “owner.”

Cows cost around $280 for the summer, with Wyler looking after the animals and making cheese from their milk. Renters can check photographs of the animals at Wyler’s website before they pay up.

Wyler and his wife, Helga, run a 50-head farm in the Brienz area of the Bernese Oberland. They already rent some of the cows to restaurants, and say they came up with their Rent-a-Cow idea because they could not sell as much cheese as they produced every year.

What did you think of those ideas? Did it inspire you to think of an idea(s) of your own? Maybe it gave you the courage to try that idea out that has been lingering in the back of your mind? Regardless, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and I can’t wait to share more Unusual Business Ideas with you. May ideas come to you when you need them the most.

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