Holistic Home Decor and Furniture

A holistic life is recognizing the impact of your actions as they imprint your footprint on your being, on your home and on the world, on the cosmos. A parody of the results that derive from your actions, living life holistically in complete fullness and being aware of the impact of your actions.

A holistic home embraces your mind, body, spirit and space in one unit. The mind sees how you live and decorate with conscious intention. The physical aspects of decorations, furniture and accessories concern the body. The spirit covers the chi or soul of your home.

Copper and iron are metals for grounding and grounding that they have used in old-world doors and architecture for many years. Yes, they strengthen wood but are also known to balance the energy of the home by removing harmful ions and rooting them on the earth. The brass clad doors seen in the old Indian Haveli or the iron nail doors all work on the principle of holistic life, interacting with Mother Earth in a positive way.

The vibration that emanates from old world architecture like the triple veranda arches that lined the courtyards of the mansions, hand-carved in dark teak wood, anchored by iron nails, the leaves and the paisley that carried the elements of nature, it is imperative to achieve balance of energy. Your home is as beautiful as you and is a channel for universal and refreshing healing energy. The wardrobes and wardrobes made of recycled wood with earthy patinas and sculpted chakras expand your aura and allow us to interact with the energy of the universe, which flows through us in a rainbow of healing vibrations. Old world, holistic sculptures and natural earth tones, the turquoise sideboard and the tables bring the energy of the sparkling flow that runs through the woods, collecting tiny pebbles and plants inside.

By keeping your aura high vibratory energy, the sculpted barns of Krishna, Ganesha and Buddha are naturally loaded with energetic properties. The carvings are so serene and beautiful and bring positive energy to your life. Create and manifest an intention by wanting positive thoughts or goals about how you want your life to unfold and put your energy into them. Accessories with soft sari curtains, handmade cushions and cotton plaids and you will connect to that energy of your home.

A holistically balanced home is absolutely necessary for the body to regenerate. Door natural wood furniture as consoles made from old doors that increase peace and positive energy. Decorate with plants to eliminate stress and anxiety and promote relaxation and balance. The old woods bring healing energy vibrations that have been infused in them for several years. The holistic healing energy of tribal damchiya, the lights dancing in the mirrors that protect the ill omen and bring positive vibrations, the spirit guides us to live intentionally. Holistic life and decoration with old world elements introduce healing and the powerful vibration of the universe into a world full of problems.


by Era Chandok