Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie Apologize to Matthew McConaughey

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie Apologize to Matthew McConaughey

Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb had a big “oops!” moment for a Today show a commercial break this week.

NBC co-stars unintentionally made things difficult Tuesday after being caught spouting from actor Matthew McConaughey for briefly out of the air. The Oscar-winning actor appeared on Today to talk about his new public service announcement on the importance of wearing masks.

Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie Apologize to

  • Today the stars of the show, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, were arrested for their comments on Matthew McConaughey during a commercial break.
  • Savannah and Hoda quickly apologized to the actor, who appeared on the show to discuss his new public service announcement about the importance of wearing face masks during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
  • Matthew reassured the presenters of the NBC morning show that he found their comments “flattering”.

But before Matthew started discussing his PSA, Hoda and Savannah apparently made comments about the actor during a commercial break, not knowing that Dallas Buyers Club the star could hear them. As you can imagine, he made the return from the commercial break cringe (however, Craig Melvin and Al roker got a good kick out of it).

“Savannah and I were having a little chat during the commercial break, and Matthew was listening, so we’d like to apologize,” said Hoda with a laugh. Savannah then added, “Yeah, it was embarrassing. Matthew, sorry you must have heard us talk about you that way, but it’s okay.”

Meanwhile Matthew just smiled and took over Today co-hosts who didn’t bother him.

Adding fuel to the fire, Craig began to crack and joked that the exchange was “a little awkward”. Al piled up, saying he wanted the people at home “to hear their embarrassment” because Savannah and Hoda “were so blown up!”

Finally, Savannah guessed and revealed what had really happened.

Savannah said it all started when she asked Hoda to join the segment during the commercial break. “I’m going to bring you to say hello to Matthew. And [Hoda] said, “Okay, but if something’s going on with you two, and it’s great, you don’t need to let me in.” And I said, “Well, yes, if there is magic, I won’t do it.” And then she turned to me and said something else. “

“I said something if you all get along virtually, I’m kidding,” said Hoda. “I was joking, I was joking, because who doesn’t want that.”

Matt assured the two that everything was fine, and said it was “a great way to start the day” and that their comments were “flattering”.

Savannah then hilariously attempted to deflect the blame: “Sorry for Hoda, she’s really embarrassing.”

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