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History of Gardening Tools

When we look at the history of gardening tools, it is obviously directly related to the history of the gardens themselves. While the cultivation of plants, fruits and vegetables is as old as humanity itself, ornamental gardens were first seen in Egyptian tomb paintings from 1500 BC

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon are hailed as one of the seven wonders of the world. There are evidence of gardens in Athens in 350 BC. Later the gardens also appeared in Rome and then in Spain around the 4th century. Separate garden traditions have also evolved in China and Japan.

Of course, with the growth of these gardens, there must have been some garden tools or tools that have been used to maintain the gardens.

When looking at the history of gardening tools, it is probably helpful to examine the most common tools.

These include:

Watering cans and cans: watering cans and cans have been in use since time immemorial. However, it is believed that the irrigation poles with multiple holes in the delivery bud were invented in the Middle Ages to mimic the rain that falls on plants.

Cutting and pruning tools (shears): the shears date back to the 50th century BC. The shears have been an important tool for the formal garden, to cut the bushes in geometric shapes, since Roman times.

Trowels, forks and rakes: Trowels and rakes were used in the 18th century, mainly for cleaning garden leaves and rakes.

Garden knives: knives have been used for a long time. Garden knives are available in different shapes and sizes over the centuries.

Hand or wheeled wheelbarrows: wheelbarrows were one of the oldest transport devices invented by man. There are generally two types of wheelbarrows; or a wheelbarrow (carried on both ends) or a wheelbarrow (carried on a wheel on the other).

Lawn mowers: Lawn mowers are a relatively newer invention. They were invented by Edward Budding in 1830. While working on the grass, he employed many men, Budding worked on the problem from an engineering point of view. He took the concept of trapping the grass between two blades, just like a scissor and improved it to invent a lawn mower.

So that’s it – a short history of gardening tools.

by Sandy Barlowe

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