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Hilarious Office Life Photos Shows Reality

Office life can be mundane and monotonous at times. To lighten the mood, many people take to social media to share hilarious office life photos that show the reality of working in an office setting. While some of the photos are staged, they still offer a glimpse into the day-to-day lives of office workers. From cubicle dwellers taking naps to employees dressing up for Halloween, the photos provide a much-needed break from the grind of office life.

In addition to providing a few laughs, they also help to remind us that we are not alone in our struggles. So next time you’re having a bad day at work, just remember: it could always be worse. And if all else fails, there’s always the internet to provide a good laugh.

All in order

When an office wants to remind its workers about something important, it’s not uncommon for them t ohave reminders placed all over the place. However there is one thing that these establishments should keep in mind – not every worker will appreciate being called out by name or having their actions motivated with a brightly lit signpost right outside of wherever you happen seat yourself at!

Hilarious Office Life Photos

Office workers are always on the lookout for any excuse to use their bathroom. So when they see something like ” flushable” or “ environmentally friendly,” it’s enough reasons not just give up and go home early!
We’ve got your back with these clever gifts that will make everyone happy (and relieve themselves).

Please don’t do it

The human race is pretty stubborn, right? When you tell someone not to do something and they still decide that it’s going be done anyways just for spiteful purposes of proving how little control people have over their lives. There are some office workers who couldn’t resist taking part in this act as well.

After being banned from printing large jobs at work – which was basically all day long anyway – these individuals went ahead with producing smaller ones despite any consequences involved or threatened fines—and yes we mean STEVE JOBS!

Enter slowly

As you enter the office, it is obvious that these workers have very different personalities. The marketing department people are chatty and full of life while those in HR seem stressed out at times but still bored nonetheless. Programmers tend to be easily scared which makes sense given their job duties involve working with programming languages such as C# or JavaScript among others!

The point here was simply this: Entering an area can mean meeting new coworkers who may act differently than what one might expect based on past experiences – sometimes positively other times negatively depending upon how individuals operate within themselves

The office pet

The office pet is a creative way to show off your love for all animals in the world. If you work at an establishment where taking pets into work isn’t allowed, then this might be something as simple and manageable like Gary-the stain on his shirt from earlier today (or maybe even last week).

I approve it

There’s nothing worse than a typo, right? Well, unless you count a typo from someone who is higher up than you. Respect can instantly fly out of the window when it comes to managers who make spelling mistakes, and that’s exactly what happened here.

While this manager wanted to make sure that their board was only used by management personnel, their spelling mistake opened the whole board up to a load of sarcasm and jokes. Our favorite just has to be a post from the “manger” itself. It’s good to know that the manger approves of this posting. It makes things so much easier.

It’s so beautiful

Office warfare occurs for numerous reasons, and there’s no doubt about the fact that it sometimes occurs for the silliest of them. In this case, it’s all about the mug. These items are pretty precious in an office environment because people love to be able to drink out of their own vessel.

Because of this, they don’t take too kindly to people drinking from, moving, or even touching their mug – especially the one with the reindeers on it. This person wanted to remind their co-workers that they should not, under any circumstances, have any need to touch their mug, but it seems as though the message was lost. After all, it’s just too beautiful to ignore.

Casual Fridays

We can only assume that these guys work in the paleontology department because it’s not every day you turn up to work and discover that everyone is dressed as a dinosaur. Either that or they should have definitely let their co-workers know what they were going to wear on casual Fridays because it’s always awkward when you come dressed in the same outfits.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt about the fact that these guys are rocking their costumes. The only negative we have to offer is that it must be pretty uncomfortable to sit on an office chair with a giant tail in the way.

Having fun

If you haven’t been lucky enough to find a job in the sector that you’re passionate about, you probably resent having to sit in your cubicle every day. The few walls make you feel blue, the computer in front of you makes you fall asleep, and you just have no motivation to do anything.

Because of this, you often need to make alternative arrangements to get your head in the game – and we kinda love this man’s idea. He didn’t want to sit around and stare at a boring office around him, so he decided to transform it into a playground paradise. After all, who doesn’t want to play in a ball pit on their lunch break?

Quick and easy

No matter where you work in the world, offices are required to provide health and safety measures for all of their employees. This includes an evacuation plan if there is ever a fire, but there’s no doubt about the fact that most people don’t take any notice.

While you could read a 10-page booklet on what fire is and how you should walk in a calm fashion away from the burning flames, there’s a high chance that this would just go out of the window in that specific situation. In fact, this office comedian has got the real evacuation plan spot on. All you have to do is run, y’all.

Due to fixage

There’s nothing worse than realizing something in your office is broken, especially if you use it regularly. A broken faucet isn’t what you want to see when you make your way into work in the morning, because this means that you can’t make a cup of coffee or tea, you can’t eat your pot of instant noodles for lunch, and you can’t have a water fight to pass the time.

The person who wrote this response obviously wasn’t too impressed to see that the faucet in their office and they were even less impressed with the sign that was put up. All they wanted to know was when the faucet would be turned back on due to fixage.

It’s probably nothing

If you’ve ever had a co-worker eat your lunch, you’ll know how annoying it is. Most people look forward to their lunch from the moment they walk into the office, and it’s both upsetting and infuriating to realize that someone has taken something that is not theirs. There’s no real way to police the public refrigerator, but this person realized that they could put any potential thieves off their stealing antics.

Most people try to avoid obtaining mouth sores at all costs, and you never know where they’re going to crop up. So, we bet any potential thieves went through a variety of emotions after reading this post. They probably also got pretty up close and personal with a mirror.

Spoilers aren’t coming

Chatting to your co-workers is one of the best ways to pass the time at work, but this can sometimes work against you. After all, if you haven’t watched the latest episode of the TV show that everyone in the office is watching, you’ll probably find yourself overrun with spoilers.

This person was obviously pretty fed up the spoilers that were coming from every direction in the office and decided to let their co-workers know that they weren’t up for them. No, they didn’t watch Game of Thrones the previous night, and they would appreciate it if you didn’t talk about the episode around their desk. Thanks very much.

A great personality

The coffee maker is one of the most precious appliances within any office environment, and it’s fair to say that everyone goes wild when it stops working. Whoever used this coffee maker last wanted to make everyone aware of the fact that it was no longer brewing hot coffee, and their use of capital letters shows them that they are pretty serious about that fact.

After all, it’s a sad time for everyone when that happens. However, the person underneath didn’t like the fact that the coffee maker was being insulted. After all, it might not have been hot, but it has a great personality.

At least you tried

Life in an office can often be tiresome and monotonous, and this can often lead to a whole load of sarcasm. While there are many people who revel in this hilarious form of humor, there are others who don’t quite appreciate the sarcasm making its way around the office.

The person behind this sign obviously wanted to make sure that their employees knew that their sarcasm wasn’t appreciated, but one little spelling error created the most gut-busting opportunity for the same thing that they were contesting. If you’re going to complain about sarcasm, at least spell it correctly. At least you tried, we guess.

All mine

Those who work in offices take their tea and coffee breaks very seriously, which is why it can be devastating when you realize that there’s no milk left in the refrigerator. While you can rely on the communal milk to make your drinks, it’s sometimes better to take your own stash.

Of course, leaving your milk out in the open for anyone to see and steal will never work in your favor, so you often have to take certain measures to make sure nobody takes it. This person put a huge amount of effort into making sure that their milk was not compromised, and proceeded to drill a hole in the lid, before attaching a padlock onto the whole thing.

A nasty smell

No office would be complete without a passive-aggressive co-worker, but it’s pretty awesome when they realize that they’re passive-aggressive, right? While we appreciate the fact that this person wrote about their own vices on this piece of paper, we have to appreciate the reply even more.

Of course, an office smelling of day-old ketchup is never nice, but this response has to go down in history as one of the most impressive responses of all time. Most of all, we’re impressed by the fact that this person managed to write a whole word in ketchup without it running down the page. That’s talent right there.

Absolutely purrfect

Come on; you can admit that you’ve seen a desk like this at least once in your life. Although there’s no doubt about the fact that most people love animals, there’s always one person in every office that loves animals more than you could ever imagine. They bring this love to work in some of the most garish forms, and this is the perfect example of that.

Sure, we love a cat as much as the next person, but is this taking a purrfect desk to the next level? We can imagine these animals get pretty distracting when you’re trying to work on your accounts. Whatever floats your boat, though.

Escaping adulthood

Have you ever had one of those days at work that make you realize you hate being an adult? Perhaps a client has annoyed you to no end, maybe your boss has told you off for something that wasn’t your fault, or you might have even looked at your backpacking friends on social media and realized that you’re not quite living your best life.

It seems as though this man went through a similar thought process just before he decided to escape adulthood and build his own office home. He obviously didn’t want to interact with his co-workers or feel as though he was actually at work, and this was the perfect alternative.

Power Rangers unite

If you ever feel as though you need a little extra oomph in the workplace, it might be an idea to play dress-up. After all, it can sometimes be good to step away from a situation and become someone else for a while. This can give you a new take on a project, a new perspective on a problem, and a little extra fun.

These guys obviously decided to follow that plan, and they did so in an epic fashion. Who wouldn’t want to come to work dressed as a Power Ranger? Although we do have to wonder whether they had to have a rock, paper, scissors competition for who would get to be the Red Ranger.

Out of the blue

There’s nothing more awkward than making eye contact with the person who sits opposite you. This is even more awkward when your computer screen just doesn’t quite cover their heads. Although you want to just get on with your work and your day, there’s something about the curl in their hair or the wrinkles on their forehead that just makes you want to stare…

And it seems as though it’s the same for the other person. To make things less awkward, you’ll be happy to know that there are certain measures you can take. In fact, this person has got it spot on. Just turn your co-worker into a hippo coming out of the blue.

Not Debbies

It seems as though every workplace has a Debbie. While we love Debbie and we love the cakes that she makes when it’s someone’s birthday, we don’t like the fact that Debbie just seems to help herself to food. She didn’t make it, and she didn’t buy it, so why should she eat someone else’s food for lunch?

This office was obviously pretty fed up with Debbie and her food stealing ways, so decided to do something about it. By labeling everything and making sure that Debbie knows the food in the refrigerator is not just free food up for grabs, she hopefully steered clear of them. Hopefully, her co-workers actually got to eat after this.

Taking a break

If you work at a computer all day, it’s important to make sure that you come away from the screen every so often. This is not only to save you buying stronger glasses every six months but also to give your brain a break from all of the work. This can ultimately make you even more successful, and it can also make you even more entertained.

That’s because you can transform any free part of your office into a place where fun and games take place. In this case, we can only assume that this office is full of those who love to play a round of golf every so often. So, they created this mini-golf course that everyone could use once in a while.

Where’s Ed?

Unless you’re lucky enough to have your own office, there’s a high chance that you sit in close proximity to other workers. While this can be fairly uneventful, it can also be pretty annoying if you sit by someone who is always wanted by your co-workers. In this case, it seems as though Ed is the main man in the office.

With people constantly on the lookout for him, the person sitting in this chair found the whole thing insufferable. That’s because, if they couldn’t see Ed themselves, they would interrupt his workflow instead. This flowchart has probably made his life so much easier, and we don’t blame him.

Man and his castle

Many people often say that their home is their castle, but when you think about it, you probably spend more time at work than you actually do in your house. That’s perhaps why these workers decide to transform their bare office into something that was worthy of their titles.

They didn’t want to sit in a cold room that had no special characteristics or features, because they thought that they would be better than that. After all, they wanted a drawbridge! When they had a few spare minutes, they decided to make that dream a reality and create something truly special. We’re kinda jealous.

Keeping it natural

Working in an office block can often make you feel claustrophobic, and sometimes you can go hours without seeing proper daylight or even looking outside. People shouldn’t have to work in conditions like this, which is probably why this person decided to put matters into their own hands.

They weren’t content with working in a false and unnatural space, so opted to transform it into something more natural. With real grass, stepping stones, and even a flamingo, this inside-outside workspace is absolutely amazing. They’ve even managed to attach a water bottle to the back of their chair for when the grass is looking a little yellow…

Stuck in a Cage

Everyone loves Nicolas Cage, right? Well, we can only assume that there is one person in this world who doesn’t like him – and they work in this cubicle. Your work colleagues often make it their mission to annoy you as much as possible, and this normally involves using everything you don’t like against you.

If you don’t like pink, they might decorate your whole desk in pink flamingos. If you don’t like Nickelback, they might play “Photographs” on repeat all day. You can even bet your bottom dollar that if you don’t like Nicolas Cage, they will cover your whole cubicle with photos of this legend. This is why you should never disclose any of your secrets.

Doing the opposite

Some people in this world are just facetious, and they just love to go against what people want from them. This can often be pretty hilarious, but it’s fair to say that the people on the receiving end of their jokes probably don’t think it’s that funny.

In fact, we have a feeling that the owner of this creamer probably wasn’t too happy with the fact that someone in their office changed their sign and offered up their creamer to the whole office. However, when you leave anything out in the open in an office environment, you have to be prepared for people to tamper with your belongings. That’s just the way it goes.

Pulling pranks

It’s always good to have a designated spider catcher in each office because most people absolutely hate these spindly critters. If there’s always someone on-hand to catch them and remove them from the vicinity, it allows you to work more harmoniously and calmly, right? Well, sometimes these spider catchers like to play pranks, and this normally doesn’t work in anyone’s favor.

On this occasion, the person decided to let their co-workers know that they had caught a huge and aggressive spider, and had kept it underneath the cup for safekeeping. Yet, they then opted to be a little cruel and push out a piece of the cup. Is the spider loose? Is it not? You’ll never know.

Do not cross

When work begins to take its toll, and you feel like you’re due a vacation, it’s important to keep things interesting. It can be easy to let work get the better of you, which is why you have to make sure that you are constantly taking time away from your desk to have a good ol’ laugh.

Of course, this sometimes has to be at the expense of your colleagues. On this occasion, one prankster decided to have a little fun with their co-worker’s desk and turn it into a crime scene. It’s pretty clear to see that they were bored on this occasion because they really did go into a huge amount of detail with this prank.

Caught in a wrap

If you go away on vacation and leave your desk readily available for the pranksters of the workplace, you need to realize that you’re probably going to come back to something special. When this person decided to head off for a relaxing break, they had an idea that their desk would be tampered with, but probably didn’t realize that they would be caught in a wrap.

Foil wrap, to be exact. Nevertheless, the pranksters of the office decided to cover everything this person had on their desk with this foil wrap and made it as shiny as it could possibly be. We bet that was a nightmare when they came back.

Having a peek

Some office pranks are often hilarious, while others are both hilarious and cruel at the same time. That’s definitely the case for this one! Heading to the bathroom in a public place is always slightly awkward anyway, due to the fact that you have to do your business in front of complete strangers.

However, things become even more awkward when you have to do your business in front of people you see every single day. What makes this painting hilarious is the fact that these two ladies look as though they’re giggling at a certain something. Not cool for those who are doing their business, but funny for those looking on.

Please don’t sit

There’s nothing better than being able to share your working day with an adorable dog, but sometimes it can be hard to keep track of where this dog goes. After all, they normally have free reign over the whole office, and this can often mean that you find them in strange and unusual places.

When one office worker found this adorable dachshund having a little snooze inside of the couch, they didn’t want anyone to accidentally squash it. So, they opted to leave a note on the couch instead. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices when it comes to the animals of this world.

In the friendzone

We live in a world where certain words have various different meanings, and these meanings leave people the chance to make a few jokes. Of course, it’s hard to resist making these jokes – especially when you’ve been sat in front of a computer all day.

When a member of management reminded the people of their office to date the cans of food in the kitchen, one employee just couldn’t resist quipping back. Although they tried to date the cans on numerous occasions, love just wasn’t on their side. It seemed as though they were thrust right into the friend zone, which is sometimes a tough blow to take.

Detection kit

Although most people spend their days worrying about their work and the state of their company, there are other things you need to be aware of when you leave your house in the morning. You need to take note of the weather, you need to dress accordingly, and you need to be aware of any potential forecasts that could affect your day.

While earthquakes aren’t exactly the most common form of weather in the world, that doesn’t mean that they don’t occur every so often. Because of this, you need to know how to detect an earthquake and be prepared. To be fair, we haven’t seen an earthquake detection kit this precise for a little while.

No Comic Sans

Office signs pop up all the time, and most of the time, these are printed off and stuck to the walls. However, it seems as though there are certain rules and regulations when it comes to these printed signs. Because we no longer live in the 1990s, using Comic Sans is a big no-no.

Does anyone even use that font anymore? Well, it seems as though this responder felt as though Comic Sans was only appropriate for a lemonade stand, and not a Fortune 500 company. That’ll teach the person who wants to keep the door closed a lesson they won’t forget.

Keeping busy

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just intrinsically know that you’re not going to be productive? Well, we can only assume that Paul woke up in that mood on this morning. Instead of heading to work and creating targets for himself, he decided to keep himself busy with something else instead.

While we do have to appreciate the fact that he had to find a huge number of elastic bands across the office, we can’t help but wonder how this would affect his workload. You know, unless he is an astrophysicist who really is trying to work out the difference in size between the moon and the Earth.

A horrible taste

If you work in an office, you’ll probably know that the whole place is full of air fresheners and other paraphernalia that is supposed to make the whole thing smell lovely. After all, when you have a huge number of humans in one contained space, it’s always going to smell a bit funky.

This office decided to put a spray freshener in their bathroom, but one particular worker wasn’t too happy about that fact. While they had nothing against the fact that the bathroom smelled lovely, they weren’t too impressed by the fact that the spray tasted nothing like how it smelled. That’s probably because they were just a little too tall.

Feeling philosophical

There’s a high chance that you sometimes feel as though you are worth more than your job, and this will probably put you on the path of feeling pretty righteous and philosophical. It seems as though one worker came across this sign when they were in that mood, and decided to share their philosophical thinking with the rest of the office.

While they were happy to learn about the printer and the fact that it would only be in that location temporarily, they couldn’t help but think that the printer was a metaphor for the human race. After all, in the greater scheme of things, aren’t we all temporary? That’s food for thought.

Held hostage

If you want to jazz up your day at the office and keep yourself entertained, you might want to play a good ol’ game of ‘Take the pen hostage.’ If you need some inspiration or guidance on how to do this, then just look to this office prankster for details.

All you have to do is take someone’s favorite pen and then get pretty creative with your typing skills and your poster making. By embracing all of the hostage scenes you have watched over the course of your movie and television-watching history, you should be able to come up with a pretty impressive plan. Just make sure it’s nothing more than a pen.

Best burns

One of the best things about working in close proximity to other human beings is that you can get to know them pretty well. You can learn all about their limits, you can check out their humor, and you can work out just how far you can push your burns.

This office seems to have nailed it because they can’t go a single day without pulling out some of the best burns. In fact, they are so proud of their burns that they write them down for everyone to see. We bet Meghan felt a little peaky after Johnny pulled out this impressive burn, but you can’t deny the fact that it’s pretty funny.

Bringing joy

If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo, you’ll know that some of the best things in your life spark joy. This can be a favorite pan in the kitchen, or it could be a cool sweater that you’ve had for years. Things are a little different in an office environment, though. Although everyone brings joy to the workplace, this joy is found at various different times of the day.

Some people feel joy when their co-workers turn up for the day, while others feel joy when their co-workers leave. Although most people hope that their fellow employees don’t cheer when they clock out for the day, there’s a high chance that this could be the case…

Getting bored

Office refrigerators are a real minefield. Although most people take in their own lunch, there’s always going to be that one person who gets hungry while everyone else is working. Instead of heading to the store and buying their own food, they seem to take it upon themselves to eat the food in the refrigerator instead.

It’s not cool, and people get pretty angry. Three of the four people who posted on this fridge wanted to let their food thief know that they were onto them, but the thief wasn’t having any of it. In fact, they wanted the people to know that their lunches were getting pretty boring…

A slight shock

If you’re the kind of person that’s pretty gullible and vulnerable, there’s a high chance that you have been on the receiving end of a fair few pranks at work. After all, most pranksters go in search of someone who won’t retaliate, and someone who will get all flustered over these pranks.

We have to feel a little sorry for the person who sits at this desk because they probably had no idea that they would receive the shock of their life when they sat down. Air horns aren’t exactly quiet, and we bet they got a few annoyed looks from those nearby.

Always jammin’

An office wouldn’t be an office without a piece of equipment malfunctioning, and it seems as though it’s no different in this office. We can only imagine that the people who work here know that there’s no chance of the printer working correctly.

However, instead of getting annoyed about that fact, they have decided to have a little joke around. They utilized their punny skills and their Bob Marley knowledge to create a hilarious name for their printer, and we definitely don’t have any worries about it. Yet, we do have to wonder how they printed this picture off without it jammin’?

Human organ

If you’re fed up of your co-workers constantly eating your lunch before you get a chance to get there, then it might be time to get a little more creative. For starters, you need to make your lunch look as unappealing as anything. Instead of putting your delicious sandwiches in a bag or in a clear lunch box, it might be an idea to find a new vessel for your food.

You know, kinda like this one. While we highly doubt that there is a human organ in this bag, we can’t help but wonder why anyone would choose to steal a bag of food that could potentially have an organ in it. That’s just a risk you don’t want to take.

Office wars

When you get bored of working and just need a break, you can find yourself annoying your co-workers without really realizing it. You might talk to them for a good half an hour about what you made for dinner last night, or you might start throwing paper airplanes across the room.

This office worker decided to do something a little different and make use of the stationery that was in front of him. Using just a couple of elastic bands and a heavy object, he created a slingshot that would be able to make its way over to his co-worker without any hassle. That’s time well spent.

A reliable guide

There’s nothing worse than sitting in your office and realizing that one of the other employees is eating a tuna sandwich. While you might not have anything against fish as a food type, there’s just something not quite right about the smell that permeates throughout the room.

One sandwich can leave a lasting impression that just doesn’t seem to go away, and nobody wants to be smelling tuna up their nostrils while they’re trying to reach their deadline. Because of this, one office worker decided to print off this reliable guide to eating fish in the workplace. We think it’s pretty accurate.

Running low?

Managers of companies often like to know that their staff are well looked after and that their business is running as efficiently as possible. A good way to do this is to ask staff whether they are running low on stationery, appliances, team members, and more. One manager decided to do this in their office, but probably didn’t quite expect this response.

Of course, most people who work in an office can probably relate to this comment. Sitting down all day and working on absolute nonsense can leave you pretty low on the will to live. That’s just the way it goes.

Pretty in pink

If you know that your co-workers are bored and suffering from itchy feet because they need to get moving, it’s never a good idea to leave any of your personal belongings behind. In fact, you should probably just stay at your desk and not move for the whole day.

One person found this out the hard way when they took the morning off. When they returned, they realized that their cubicle had been transformed into a bathroom cubicle instead! While there’s no doubt about the fact that this looks pretty in pink, we’re also a little impressed with the work. Is that toilet plumbed in?

Hide your potato

Have you ever made your way through the office and checked out all of the signs that are on offer? These buildings are always full of signs and posters warning you against certain things, or telling you to do something else. Of course, these signs are often pretty ambiguous, and this leaves you room to have a little fun with them.

On this occasion, one particular worker just couldn’t quite get to grips with a sign in the bathroom that asked them to wash their hands. The soap looked more like a potato, so they decided to change the request slightly. It works extremely well.

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