Hideo Kojima’s New Game Will Be Revealed Soon Says Death Stranding Dev

Yoji Shinkawa, who designed many of Kojima’s characters and mechs, teased that he’s working on something and that an announcement is coming soon.

Renowned video game director Hideo Kojima may soon be ready to announce his next project. Kojima has been relatively thin-lipped regarding his activities since the release of Death Stranding in 2019, although he has also been quite coy on Twitter regarding what he’d like to pursue in future projects. He has specifically referenced horror titles as an area of interest, which makes sense given the aftermath of the infamously canceled Silent Hills. He has also developed a close relationship with actor Norman Reedus over the past few years, implying that it may not be a stretch to assume that the pair are working on Death Stranding 2.

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One thing can be said with certainty: there are few directors who fans would like to see at the helm of a horror project more. Kojima revolutionized stealth gameplay with the release of Metal Gear in 1987, and his unique style of characters, themes, and over-the-top spectacle could make for an incredible horror experience. In fact, many have already drawn comparisons to Death Stranding and other titles in the horror genre, pointing out that the game’s bleak atmosphere and deliberate, slow pacing would create an incredibly tense horror atmosphere if taken further.

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The news of a potential announcement from Kojima is courtesy of the Video Games Chronicle, which references an interview between Yoji Shinkawa and Al Hub. Shinkawa may not be as much of a household name as Hideo Kojima, but his work on designing the machines and characters in the Metal Gear series is an invaluable part of what made those games so memorable. Shinkawa currently works as part of Kojima Productions and stated that he’s currently “doing something,” and that “I could tell you probably that we can announce it very soon.” This, in addition to Kojima Productions’ job postings in October, seem to signify that the team is already well underway with their next project.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say with any certainty what that project might be. The only information possible to go on thus far is Kojima’s repeated interest in creating a “revolutionary” horror game and that he has stated via Twitter that he is watching horror movies to prepare for a project. Norman Reedus also said last year that he was “in talks to do other stuff,” according to an interview with Wired. Considering Reedus was set to star in the canceled Silent Hills, it’s possible that this future project could be a sequel to Death Stranding with more of a survival horror angle to it.

Of course, that isn’t all Kojima is interested in. Soon after Death Stranding’s release, he stated that he would enjoy attempting to make smaller, and possibly episodic, games. One can hardly blame him; since the Metal Gear series, Kojima has been known for making games on an increasingly grandiose scale with impossibly complex storylines and in-depth characters. He also frequently tackles the topics of war, nuclear proliferation, grief, loss, and redemption. If he decided to try his hand at making something a little more easily digestible, he has more than earned it. Regardless of the subject matter, Kojima is sure to come up with a compelling way to tell whichever story he wants.

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: Video Games Chronicle

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