‘Hey, Samuel’ wake word brings Samuel L. Jackson’s voice to your Alexa devices faster

Now you can ask Samuel L. Jackson a question directly without even having to say “Alexa”.

Tyler Lizenby / Tips Clear

Amazon updated its on Wednesday Samuel L. Jackson Alexa ability with a custom wake-up word – “Hey, Samuel.” The ability, which was first introduced to download in late 2019 and costs 99 cents, answers your questions about weather and other questions in Jackson’s voice. Before you had to say: “Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson for the weather “or” Alexa, ask Sam Play music. “

In response to customer feedback that the phrase was clunky, the skill now has its own wake-up word, “Hey, Samuel”. So instead of having to ask Alexa To ask Samuel L. Jackson a question, you can start with “Hey Samuel, what’s your favorite color?” kick off. and you will get a direct response in the actor’s voice when you sign up for the skill.

As with other Alexa skills, the Samuel L. Jackson skill works Alexa-enabled smart speakers, Smart displays and other Alexa-enabled devices.

Amazon regards this update, which allows you to use either “Alexa” or “Hey, Samuel” as a wake-up word, as a proof of concept Voice Interoperability Initiative. The Voice Interoperability Initiative, an Amazon service that allows multiple voice assistants and wake-up words from different companies to work on the same products, has a variety of partners, including Facebook, Garmin, Ecobee and other.

The updated Samuel L. Jackson Alexa skill is available now.

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