Here’s What to Wear in Summer 2022

What to Wear in Summer 2022? Now that warmer weather is finally on the horizon, it’s time to update your wardrobe for the new season. Women’s summer 2022 fashions include looks that range from ultra-sexy to understated and sophisticated. Sheer fabrics, metallics, feathers, Y2K-inspired styles – this summer’s fashion trends are a combination of fun, nostalgic, bold, and restrained. You’ll turn heads and get likes when you wear some of these summer 2022 fashion trends.

Metallic Fabrics

Did you know sequins are terrible for the environment? That may not be the sole reason why designers this year are turning to shiny metallic fabrics instead, but the fact of the matter remains that metallic fabrics are in this summer. Fabrics with a liquid metal sheen offer a more mature and subtle shimmer to your outfits this summer. Look for pleated midi skirts, dresses, tops, and co-orders made with metallic fabrics – gold and silver will be the most common color, but other colors can also be found.

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After two years of lockdowns, restrictions, and mask mandates, plenty of us are feeling a little extra this season. Party dresses for the most recent festive season featured plenty of colorful feather embellishments, and the trend stands strong for summer 2022. In addition to feathered dresses and gowns, you’ll also see feathered tops, as well as dresses, jeans, and bottoms with feather accents.

Baggy Jeans

Summer 2022 fashion trends for women are bringing back Y2K in a big way, and that means it’s time to throw out your skinny jeans and high-rise mom jeans and get back into something low-rise. Low-rise jeans are back in fashion, but designers this year know that consumers are leery of the tight, low-rise hip-hugger trend of years past, and are instead offering more options with a low-rise and an extremely relaxed fit. Low-rise, wide-leg skater jeans are having a moment this summer.

Crop Tops

If you have one reason to lose your pandemic weight, it’s because crop tops are going to be hot this year. Some designers are even taking it one step further, and styling bikini tops and bralettes layered under unbuttoned blazers and cardigans. This year, designers are asking you to bare your midriff like you did in the 90s – and some of this year’s crop-top looks are very grunge.

Mini Skirts

Times must be good, because hemlines are as high as they get this summer. Models sashayed down the runway at this season’s fashion weeks wearing ultra-high mini skirts that show off more than half the thigh. Polished and cut-off looks were on display. If you’re going to wear this trend, go for bold colors and busy patterns. Mix and match your mini skirts with crop tops – you can even buy matching crop-top co-orders. 

Pleated Midi Skirts

If you don’t like mini skirts, don’t worry – there’s plenty of room at the table this season for more modest styles. Pleated midi skirts are right on trend for summer 2022. Several designers showcased school-uniform-style pleated skirts at this season’s fashion weeks, but any style of pleated skirt is a win for summer 2022.

Tube-Style Maxi Skirts

Tube-style maxi skirts are another fashion trend this year that plays on Y2K nostalgia and borrows a trend from Gen Z TikTok. Truly, summer 2022 fashion is less about showing or not showing skin and more about leaning into fashion extremes. A maxi skirt is the polar opposite of a mini skirt. Either style of skirt can make a statement. Wear your maxi skirts with crop tops, bikini tops, or sheer tops.


Cut-outs are bringing sexy back for summer 2022, and they’re showing up in ways that can be flattering to any size. You’ll find plenty of dresses and tops with sexy side cut-outs, shoulder cut-outs, classy midriff cut-outs, and more.

Bright Colors

This summer, fashion promises to be a lot of fun – you’ll find beautiful, bright colors dominating your wardrobe. Fashion houses are putting out monochromatic dresses, suits, and co-orders in colors like lime green, kelly green, hot pink, butter yellow, highlighter yellow, orange, and red. Accessorize a solid-color dress or a matching pantsuit with a matching handbag and matching shoes. 

Are you ready for summer 2022? Not until you’ve filled your closet with this season’s fashion essentials. Have some fun this year with bright colors, feathers, and metallic fabrics – free your sensual side in crop tops and mini skirts. This summer’s fashion is all about making a statement, and only you get to decide just what that statement is going to be.

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