Here’s The $40 Million Mansion LeBron James Just Bought In Beverly Hills

LeBron James first planted roots in Los Angeles in 2015. It was three years before joining The Lakers. When I say “planted roots”, I mean he bought a mansion in Brentwood for $ 21 million. It turned out that this mansion did not properly scratch the itchy LA real estate from LeBron because two years later, it paid $ 23 million for a second Brentwood mansion. Apparently two homes in Brentwood weren’t enough because LeBron and the James family bring their talents to Beverly Hills!

As reported for the first time by The Real Deal, LeBron James has just purchased a more than 13,000 square foot complex in Beverly Hills. The 2.5-acre home was recently put up for sale for $ 39 million. The luxury real estate market in Los Angeles is pretty hot, so you can safely assume it paid close to asking.

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The house has an impressive Hollywood pedigree. Built in 1934, one of its first occupants was an actor by the name of Charles Boyer who was nominated for several Oscars. In an unusual move, when Boyer asked to be released from his contract with RKO Pictures, the studio agreed, but the final buyout asked RKO to take over the mansion. Since RKO was wholly owned by eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes, he has become the new owner of the mansion.

When Katharine Hepburn was looking for a house to rent in the early 1950s, it was Hughes who pushed her towards this mansion. She lived at home for a good time.

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In 1986, the property was sold for $ 2.6 million to married television super-producers William J. Bell and Lee Phillip Bell. Ever heard of them? William and Lee created three of the most popular, successful and longest running soap operas in the history of American television; “The daring and the beautiful”, “Another world” and “The young and the restless”.

William died in 2005. Lee died in February 2020.

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William and Lee had two children, including actress Lauralee Bell. Shortly after Lee’s death, Lauralee and her brother Bradley began to list some of the family’s sprawling real estate assets. In April of this year, they listed a seaside home in Malibu for $ 21.5 million that they had not yet sold. The family has already sold several other homes in the same Malibu community to casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.

This brings us roughly to the present.

Whoever LeBron James is, I think everyone in this transaction is going extremely happy. LeBron gets an absolutely incredible new home (bringing its LA real estate portfolio to $ 60 million), and the Bell siblings can add $ 40 million to their already massive respective bank accounts.

Congratulations and champagne all around!


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