Here’s The $23.5 Million Mansion Travis Scott Just Bought In LA

Travis Scott is one of the highest paid rappers in the world. Kendall Jenner’s former boyfriend easily earns $ 40-60 million a year when international pandemics don’t stop him from going on tour. How much does Travis Scott make? Well, between June 2017 and June 2020 alone, he personally earned $ 120 million before taxes. As of this writing, we believe that Travis Scott’s net worth is $ 50 million. And judging by the house he just bought, this number could be conservative…

According to several real estate sources, including and TMZ, Travis is the brand new owner of a brand new home in the Brentwood Hills of Los Angeles.

The purchase price? $ 23.5 million. If you think it’s a lot, it is. But also consider that it was originally valued at $ 42 million. So maybe it’s theft? According to, the luxury real estate market in Los Angeles has been particularly affected by the global pandemic. This could explain the drop in prices by almost 50%.

The 16,700 square foot mansion has 7 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. Like most crazy mansions, the new Travis nursery has a cinema with a room for 15 people, an infinity pool, a huge wine cellar, a spa … honestly, it’s really incredible. Why describe it in more detail when you can spring up on this video tour:

This is Travis’ first major purchase of a solo mansion. He is still co-owner of a $ 13 million mansion with Kylie Jenner located near Beverly Hills. After the breakup, Kylie bought a mansion in Holmby Hills just down the street from the Playboy Mansion for a modest $ 36.5 million.

Other fun facts about the new Travis mansion:

  • The house has a 180 degree view of downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean
  • It has two elevators
  • 1 acre lot
  • 20 parking spaces
  • Comes with an annual property tax invoice of $ 230,000. This means that each month, Travis must essentially earn $ 50,000 before tax just to satisfy the California tax authorities.

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