Here’s What You Need to Know about Using the Mirena IUD

Here’s What You Need to Know about Using the Mirena IUD


Mirena Detox
Mirena Detox

This is the real story about using the Mirena IUD as a birth control device. It is best to understand the risks and IUD side effects before you determine whether you want to get it inserted into you. This information will make you think twice about getting Mirena.

For many women, the Mirena coil is not a pleasant experience. It is primarily implanted as a long-term contraceptive device to work up to five years, as an alternative to the pill or another method. However, once it is in their bodies, many women realize they are inflicted in ways that severely disrupt their daily lives.

For example, a large number of women gain weight while on the Mirena device. They become larger than they were before the IUD was inserted and, in some cases, bigger than they have ever been. While it is only a few pounds extra for some women, other females experience significant gains of 25 or 30 pounds.

This excess weight can be traumatic as no matter how much they exercise they can’t lose the weight that is a Mirena IUD side effect. The hormonal imbalance that the device causes shown up in the form of excess weight, along with other issues, such as bleeding, cramping and potential infertility.

Mirena Detox Picture
Mirena Detox Picture

If you have not heard of these serious side effects of the IUD, you can read many women’s testimonials online. Many females also explain that they have severe lower stomach pain, pain in their pelvis or cramps, feel dizzy, have nausea, and so much more. This is only the tip of the iceberg as there are many unanswered health questions that doctors are only now starting to ask about the coil.

Take the time to research fully the serious side effects of the Mirena IUD before you commit to having the device put into you for up to five years. Stay healthy and be informed!

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