Here’s How Much BTS Earned Last Year

K-Pop has been a big problem for several years now. K-Pop groups, especially BTS, are adored by their legions of fans. BTS is a big problem. The group was formed through a hearing process. They are modern Beatles with screaming young girls who follow them wherever they go. BTS has slowly conquered the world since entering the American scene in December 2012 with a cover of “Last Christmas” by Wham!

The popular group was scheduled to tour this summer in a series of shows in the United States that would no doubt have been sold out. Of course, Covid-19 blocked these plans. However, it is very unlikely that V, Jungkook, Jimin, SUGA, RM, J-Hope and Jin are too embarrassed by their summer break. BTS raised an incredible $ 170 million in 2019, which is more than any American group except Metallica. They also released a brand new album in 2020, “Map of the Soul: 7”, which will appease their rabid fans until BTS can hit the road in 2021.

How Much BTS Earned Last Year
How Much BTS Earned Last Year

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The incredible $ 170 million in BTS concerts in 2019 is a testament to the popularity of the South Korean septet. In 2018, when BTS announced its world tour, it sold out almost instantly. The band is an original idea of ​​Bang Si-hyuk, who decided to build a different type of studio from the standard “idol factories” that have dominated the K-Pop landscape since the genre began in 1992. In 2005, Bang, a songwriter, formed his own Big Hit Entertainment studio.

He started gathering a group of teens in 2010. He called them the Bulletproof Boy Scouts, later renamed Bangtan Boys, and finally, BTS. He wanted this group to be different from the neat and immaculate idols that K-Pop usually produced. He wanted BTS to be real young men who project their true personalities and talents. It was a real break with the way things were usually done in the world of K-Pop. The studios have trained their bands to be idols which are blank slates on which fans can project their fantasies. Bang wanted BTS to be full of artists with whom the audience could identify.

What BTS combines is the young and innocent style of the band members with driving rhythms that are more reminiscent of old school gangster rap. It was revolutionary in 2013. Today, K-Pop regularly mixes hip hop with its music, but BTS was among the first to do so. BTS fans also set them apart from other bands. BTS fans are called the army because of the organization and loyalty of their fan base.

Most recently, BTS donated $ 1 million to the Live Nation Crew Nation fund. Their management company Big Hit Entertainment has also pledged $ 1 million. Live Nation launched Crew Nation for the benefit of those working on live events who lost their income due to the postponement of all events due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Live Nation has pledged $ 10 million to launch the campaign.

The BTS donation will also help the more than 70 crew members who were employed to work on the huge BTS Map of the Soul Tour. The tour was postponed in late April and was scheduled to play sold-out stadiums in South Korea, Europe, Japan and North America. The group was scheduled to play 35 concerts from April to early September.

The gross $ 170 million BTS on the road in 2019 was part of their Love Yourself tour which reached 42 stops from late August 2018 to early April 2019. BTS played in South Korea, North America, Europe, in Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand during the tour.

BTS has attracted the attention and loyalty of fans around the world despite language and cultural barriers. Without a tour in 2020, fans will have to settle for their new album and the BTS World app, which allows users to play the manager of the K-Pop group.

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