Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 335 of Monday, February 14, 2022…

here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 335 of monday, february 14, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Clotilde manipulates her students, Noémie plans to sell the Table des Rivère. Mehdi is trying to overcome his fear of heights.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday, February 14 in Here it all begins…


Last night, Anaïs, Lionel and Jasmine launched a punch operation in the kitchens of the institute to denounce the deplorable conditions in which the animals of the slaughterhouse from which the establishment obtains its supplies are slaughtered. The three acolytes therefore placed pieces of meat on the worktops with signs and photos proving this atrocity. Arriving in class the next morning, the students discover with horror this macabre staging. When Claire asks who did this, Charlène immediately blames Anaïs.

Meanwhile, Joachim and Clotilde spent the night together. Although they are swimming in complete happiness, the young man has to go home for a few days to work on a construction site but promises to return on Sunday evening. Shortly after, they are interrupted by Claire who has come to warn her colleague of what happened in the kitchen a little earlier in the day.

Later, Antoine, Clotilde, Lisandro and Claire meet to discuss the incident. The head of the room then tells them that the author of the video is an employee of the slaughterhouse and that he maintains that the animals are victims of mistreatment. In charge of contingencies in the absence of Teyssier, chef Armand therefore decides to settle this story.

Not far from there, Lionel, Jasmine and Anaïs distribute leaflets to students in the hope of rallying them to their cause. Only, this does not please Greg who lets them know. As the tone rises, Clotilde intervenes and argues that animals do not have to undergo such treatment before being slaughtered. She is also sensitive to this cause, chef Armand is personally committed to ensuring that no more double A meat comes from this supplier and to breaking the institute’s contract with him. A victory for the three apprentice chefs.

When Anaïs talks about it to Lisandro, he finds it hard to believe. According to him, Clotilde said this only to calm her students down and bring some order to the school. Despite everything, Anaïs is certain that she was sincere.

For his part, Guillaume invites Laetitia to go away for the weekend but the latter thinks that it may be complicated since he has to find a new supplier. Guillaume then replies that it is not planned because nothing proves that the video is reliable. Moreover, Auguste, who was very attentive to these questions, had chosen this supplier himself.

At the same time, Anaïs realizes that the meat she is about to cook still comes from the same slaughterhouse. Understanding that they have been cheated, many students do not want to touch them. Theo does try to get them back to work but without success. After leaving the kitchens, Anaïs, Kelly, Lionel, Jasmine and Ambre burst into Clotilde’s office to obtain an explanation.

Since it is impossible to change supplier so quickly, chef Armand asks her students to take it upon themselves in the meantime. However, Anaïs does not intend to do things this way. As long as the institute has not changed partners, Anaïs, Lionel, Jasmine, Ambre and Kelly will no longer cook meat.


Noémie and Zacharie spent the night together. While they are walking in the salt marshes, Noéme receives a call from someone interested in buying her restaurant. Although she had no intention of selling it, the young woman sees this as an opportunity to make a fresh start. As nothing is holding her back, she plans to leave the region or even the country.

Later, Zacharie finds Gaëtan at the institute and tells him that Noémie is seriously considering selling the Table des Rivières before packing her bags. Furious, Gaëtan arrives at click & collect. Noémie may be showing her potential buyer around, but he says she can’t do that because the restaurant also belongs to her sisters. Only, Noémie took the lead by warning Ludivine and Louane who gave her their agreement. Far from having said his last word, Gaëtan gets involved in the discussion to derail the sale by threatening the buyer to put him through hell if he were to make an offer. The latter then hastens to take to their heels.

Ascent, Noémie would like to understand why he did this. Without beating around the bush, he explains that he did this simply for their relationship because he does not want to see her leave. With tears in her eyes, she reminds him that their story ended the day he wanted to put his sister in his bed. Although he made a terrible mistake, Gaëtan nevertheless refuses to believe that nothing is possible between them. Loving Noémie as he has never loved anyone, he is ready to wait as long as it takes for her to forgive him. When he is about to kiss her, Noémie turns her head away, telling him she can’t.


In order to help Mehdi overcome his fear of heights, Enzo has concocted a very specific workout for him. Today’s goal is to get him to the top of the castle tower. For his first exercise, Mehdi must climb on a chair, close his eyes and then jump. Judging this idea ridiculous, the young man prefers to go directly to the next step which consists of going as high as possible on a scale. Despite his fear, Mehdi then reaches the last step.

In the afternoon, Enzo and Mehdi climb to the top of the castle tower. Approaching the edge, Mehdi is increasingly ill and ends up feeling unwell. In the infirmary, Constance reassures him by saying that everything is fine. However, the nurse advises him to cancel his jump for fear that he will feel sick again in mid-flight. Only, Mehdi intends to take it upon himself to prove to the woman he loves that he can do it.

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