Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 333 of Thursday, February 10, 2022…

here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 333 of thursday, february 10, 2022...

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Clotilde makes surprising discoveries about Joachim, Tom reveals his true face. For her part, Anaïs leads the investigation.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday, February 10 in Here it all begins…


Clotilde and Joachim wake up in each other’s arms. Ready to return to class and face her students, chef Armand gets up and steps on a lighter. Putting it away in her lover’s bag, Clotilde discovers many boxes of condoms.

Upset, she confides in her sister soon after and says she is certain that Joachim is multiplying the conquests. And even if he owes her nothing, Clotilde has no desire to share it with other women. If she would currently like a simple relationship, she also dreams of being unique in the eyes of someone. Rose therefore pushes her to have a frank discussion with him to burst the abscess.

Without waiting, Clotilde finds Joachim on his construction site, who affirms that the boxes do not belong to him. As she firmly believes that he multiplies the adventures, Joachim retorts that he had only one story in December but that it did not work. Since then, he has only had Clotilde in his life. Convinced that someone has deliberately put the condoms in his bag, the young man immediately suspects Guillaume, especially since the latter has turned against him since his return to the institute. For Clotilde, her ex-husband is unable to do such a thing unlike Laetitia.

Later, Clotilde meets Laetitia and Guillaume in the corridors of the institute and openly accuses her former rival of having gone home to put boxes of condoms in Joachim’s suitcase to get revenge. Only, Kelly’s mother swears she had nothing to do with it. As the tone rises, Guillaume intervenes and summons his ex-wife to leave Laetitia alone.

Back home, Laetitia reports Clotilde’s accusations to Kelly. It doesn’t take much time for the apprentice chef to make the connection with Guillaume. Once alone with him, she asks him if he is hiding behind this story but he denies it.

Subsequently, Guillaume joined Joachim. Being certain that Clotilde is one more conquest on his list, the deputy headmaster demands that he leave her alone, stating that she is fragile at the moment. Even if the tension intensifies quickly between them, Guillaume does not budge.

Meanwhile, Rose doubts that Laetitia is behind this twist. Indeed, it is rather in her interest that her sister stay in a relationship with Joachim to keep Guillaume. Not really knowing Joachim, Rose comes to wonder if he might not have been lying from the start. In order to get to the bottom of it, Clotilde digs into her lover’s computer and is amazed to discover a table showing Joachim’s conquests with grades assigned according to their performance in bed. A list of which she is a part.

When the latter returns home, Clotilde confronts him on the spot. He may certify that all this does not belong to him, she does not believe him. After begging him to take all his stuff, she kicks him out.


Despite his reluctance, Tom is ready to accept that his girlfriend is polyamorous. In order for things to calm down with Solal, he decides to pay him a short visit to the Table des Rivières. After acknowledging that he should never have embarked Amber on his story with Kill Tom, the former influencer declares that he would like to reset the counters, especially since they are dating the same woman. If he does not propose to her to become the best friends in the world, he makes her understand on the other hand that it is rather in their interest that things go well between them for the well-being of Amber. When Tom begins to talk about his antics with the young woman, Solal says he doesn’t need to know the details of their story and then finally agrees to make a truce with him.

Despite everything, the latter goes to the institute pissed off. In reality, he didn’t appreciate Tom giving him such intimate details about his private life and letting Amber know. Although uncomfortable, the young woman thinks Tom didn’t do it on purpose and begs Solal to be a little more lenient as he tries to adjust to their way of life.

Later, Amber points out to Tom that even though Solal isn’t a jealous boy, he doesn’t need to know the details of their intimacy. Tom then apologizes to her and then pretends not to have done it on purpose. Salomé, who has heard the end of their conversation, then tries to find out if her comrade will end up adapting to the way the couple works. Knowing for a fact not, Tom actually tries to demonstrate to them that polyamory is a scam. And by posing as the nice guy at Solal’s expense, Tom hopes to have Amber all to himself.


At Antoine’s request, Lisandro takes advantage that Anaïs is still at home to have a discussion with her about the slaughterhouse video. She then understands that her companion has been commissioned by the principal to speak to her. As he is also trying to avoid a crisis at the institute, Lisandro chooses to visit the supplier to check if everything is in order.

Back at the institute, Lisandro brings his students together and says he saw for himself that the animals were treated with respect. The head of the slaughterhouse having shown him all the sites, the room teacher can certify that they use protocols to prevent the animals from suffering too much. Regarding the video, the manager is categorical and assures that it is faked. According to him, it was a competitor who put it online so that it could be collected by animal protection associations.

Only, Jasmine, Lionel and Anaïs still have serious doubts and call the creator of the video directly. The latter explains that he has been working in this slaughterhouse for ten years and that if at the beginning the animals were treated correctly, it deteriorated over the years. Indeed, the employees must kill up to 45 animals per hour and no longer have the time necessary to stun them properly. Therefore, they suffer.

With the proof that the video comes from the supplier of the institute, Anaïs returns home and puts Lisandro in the confidence. While she would like the school to change partners quickly, her companion points out to her that it is not so simple and that it can take months. He therefore enjoins him to keep a cool head in order to avoid getting fired.

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