Here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 322 of Wednesday, January 26, 2022…

In the next episode of “Here it all begins”… While Clotilde learns news that could change everything, Ambre comes to Tom’s aid. At the same time, Maxime spends his last day at the institute.

here it all starts: what awaits you in episode 322 of wednesday, january 26, 2022...

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here it all begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday, January 26 in Here it all begins…


Following his break with Clotilde, Guillaume moved in with Laetitia. If the young woman is happy to finally be able to live their love in broad daylight, Guillaume fears that their story will make people talk. Indeed, the deputy principal is terribly angry with himself for having let things drag on instead of speaking directly to his wife. Faced with his discomfort, Laetitia manages to cheer him up and then promises him that they will be happy. At the moment when she surprises them kissing, Kelly shows herself to be piquant with Guillaume. But for Laetitia, she will eventually get used to it.

Meanwhile, Clotilde is not in her best shape and has only been throwing up since breakfast. Since the discovery of the sex tape of Guillaume and Laetitia, the chef Armand feels humiliated to the point of not having the courage to face the gaze of her students in class. After Rose points out to her that she has nothing to be ashamed of and that she did nothing wrong, Clotilde finally realizes that she has no reason to hide.

For her part, Kelly is still angry with Lionel. Only, the couple does not have time to have a discussion because Charlène challenges Kelly to tease her about her mother’s love affair and provoke her on the sex tape. Laetitia, who witnessed the scene in the distance, then hastens to find her daughter to hear from her. Unfortunately, this one came back up and is tired of paying for her nonsense.

While Laetitia asks him to stop attacking her for no reason, Kelly accuses him of having once again sown discord in his life by sleeping with the assistant principal. And to add that his love story rots his life. To conclude, the young woman says that she is tired of always going last.

Not far from there, Clotilde is at her wit’s end and is trying to keep up her lessons as best she can. Weakened, she ends up fainting in front of her students. In the infirmary, Constance advises her friend to take a pregnancy test given her nausea in the morning. However, Clotilde doesn’t think it’s necessary since she never managed to get pregnant with Guillaume despite their attempts for many years.

But on returning home, Clotilde takes a pregnancy test which turns out to be positive.


At the salt flats, Tom has received new threats from Kill Tom. In order to help him, Amber then has the idea of ​​pretending to be a fan of Kill Tom and sends him a message in the hope of being able to meet him.

For his part, Solal is worried about his girlfriend and doesn’t like Tom involving her in his stories, especially since Kill Tom is someone dangerous. If Amber thinks there is nothing to worry about, Solal thinks their comrade better go to the police. Since she refuses to listen to him, Solal urges her to be careful.

Afterwards, Amber receives a response from Kill Tom and then arranges to meet him at a cafe later that day. While Tom fears that his attacker will eventually recognize her, Amber guarantees that it is impossible because everything happened much too quickly the day their paths crossed.

At the end of the day, Amber waits for Kill Tom. As she has been waiting for him for more than an hour, Tom joins her, convinced that he will not come. At the same time, the two apprentice chefs are far from suspecting that Kill Tom is watching them from a few meters away and taking a picture of them.


These are Maxime’s last hours at the institute. For his last day, Theo has decided to leave him his place as chef. A surprise that enchants Maxime who appoints Salomé to be his second. And to mark his departure, the son Delcourt chose to pay a last tribute to the school by putting a recipe from chef Auguste Armand on the menu.

Before leaving, Maxime would also like to organize a little party at the boarding school, but his friends already have something planned. At the end of the service, Anaïs makes him believe that a customer wants to see him because of a problem with the dish of the day. Arriving in the room, Maxime discovers that his friends have organized a surprise party in his honor. Very touched, he speaks and delivers a beautiful speech.

In it, the Delcourt son explains how much he learned thanks to the teachers but also to the students who became friends. Honored to have been able to serve Auguste Armand, Maxime says he is proud to have belonged to his class. After having said that he was not sure of being able to rediscover the magic of the institute one day, Maxime reminds us that it is not what we do in life that counts but what we do with his life. Then to conclude by saying that he will miss them very much. Moved, the assembly applauds him before Salomé, Enzo, Anaïs, Mehdi and Hortense take him warmly in their arms.

At the end of the party, Maxime and Salomé are one last time alone. The opportunity for the former couple to say goodbye. After they kiss, they share one last intimate moment.

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