Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 313 of Wednesday January 12, 2022 …

In the next episode of “Here everything begins” … While Maxime and Teyssier resume competition, Laetitia has not said her last word. At the same time, nothing is going well between Antoine and Souleymane.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Wednesday 12 January in Here everything begins …


Faced with the seriousness of his accusations, Maxime is summoned with Elodie to the principal’s office in the presence of Chief Sarran. If the son Delcourt affirms that his comrade was mistreated as much morally as physically by the chief Cardone, Elodie assures that it is false and even goes so far as to assert that the young man lied because he was about to miss his test. Following this exchange, Antoine and Chef Sarran leave the morning to make a decision concerning the continuation of the competition.

Refusing to give up, Maxime asks Louis directly if he saw the boss Cardone manhandling his ex-girlfriend. Only, this one does not care and thinks that it is about a strategy to sabotage the contest. Words that greatly annoy Maxime who retorts that he has no empathy for anyone.

Shortly after, Antoine and chef Sarran announced to Maxime and Teyssier that they were maintaining the competition. A choice that does not please the son Delcourt who decides to give up the competition.

Not far from there, the chef Cardone tells Louis and Enzo that the competition will resume in the afternoon. For her part, Élodie then explains to Enzo that Annabelle pretended to treat her as less than nothing in front of Maxime with the sole aim of destabilizing him. Now, the boss warns them that it’s every man for himself and that she intends to demolish them.

Later, Teyssier joined Chef Cardone at the studio because he understood that his former mentor had hatched a plan to play with his pupil. When Annabelle indicates that she knows how he managed to recover the post of director, Teyssier loses his smile but assures us that they will go to the end of the competition.

Without waiting, Emmanuel informs Maxime that what he saw was only a set-up. Indeed, the chef Cardonne is not at her first attempt and did not hesitate to sabotage the recipes of her protégé when great chefs came to her establishment to identify new talents. Thanks to this revelation, Teyssier manages to convince Maxime to continue the competition and to help him prevent Louis from becoming Auguste Armand’s next director.

The pair therefore go to the kitchen for the second test at the end of which the jury proceeds to the tasting. After deliberation, the members of the jury are unable to agree on the nomination of the finalists. This is why their names will not be communicated until the next morning.


Despite the situation, Guillaume and Clotilde have decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary to the delight of the chef Armand who is delighted to have dinner alone with her husband. Happy for her sister, Rose is sure that their story is far from over.

For her part, Laetitia joins Guillaume in his office. Once she locks the door, she declares that she wants to spend some time alone with him. Only, Guillaume replies that it is not possible since he is celebrating his wedding anniversary today. Although he admits to wanting her very much, the deputy headmaster still needs a break to find out where he is in his feelings.

In the evening, Clotilde and Guillaume dine alone. While they recall memories, Guillaume receives a message from Laetitia who gives him an appointment at the commissary. He then makes his wife believe that he is going to look for a bottle in the cellar to join his mistress. On the spot, Guillaume criticizes him for his lack of respect. Despite everything, he says there is nothing romantic about this evening and that he has feelings for her. Relieved, Laetitia insists that he spend the evening with her but Guillaume refuses to plant his wife in the middle of dinner.


While waiting for him to make a decision on his professional future, Souleymane must take care of the institute’s vegetable garden. For his first mission, Antoine asks him to butter the vegetables, a method which consists of protecting their feet from the wind and the cold. Barely at work, Souleymane takes a break to accompany Deva to do some shopping in town.

Later, Antoine surprises his son and Deva returning to the institute. If the young man defends himself by specifying that he has simply taken a break, Antoine points out to him that they have made a deal and then insists that he get more involved in the mission entrusted to him. Annoyed, Souleymane loses his temper and reproaches his father for being on his back all the time before returning to the vegetable garden in a rage.

Not having appreciated his lack of respect for her father, Deva finds the young man to lecture him. For her part, she would never have spoken to his like that. Disappointed, she then says that she didn’t think he was like that.

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