Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 311 of Monday, January 10, 2022 …

here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 311 of monday, january 10, 2022 ...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”. While Chef Sarran makes a proposal to Maxime, Tom is attacked by a surfer. At the same time, Antoine takes a decision concerning Souleymane.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast Monday evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Monday January 10 in Here everything begins …


Fired from the inter-school competition, Clotilde asks Maxime for help so that he can intervene on her behalf with chef Teyssier. Unfortunately, the son Delcourt explains that it is impossible because it is he who alerted the director. Chef Armand then goes to the kitchen upset to give her lesson. Her students being surprised to see her, she informs them that she is no longer participating in the competition because Maxime preferred to team up with Teyssier and not with a woman.

Immediately, the rumor spreads and goes around the institute. When Salomé and Anaïs try to find out if this is true, Maxime replies that Chef Armand has been dismissed because she was too preoccupied with personal concerns. As his ex-girlfriend has trouble understanding why he is teaming up with Emmanuel, he specifies that he has no choice if he wants to save the institute. At the foot of the wall, Maxime then reveals to him that if Louis wins the competition, he will become the new director of the establishment.

In the afternoon, the competition for the best cooking school in France begins. After presenting the jury, Chef Sarran talks about the pairs in competition. If those of the schools of Strasbourg, Bordeaux and Lille are greeted by the applause of the public, this is not the case of Teyssier and Maxime who are booed.

For the blind test, only the student will taste the mystery dish and he will then describe it to his chef. Without waiting, the participants get to work. After a few hours, the members of the jury proceed to the tasting.

If the chef Sarran congratulates the work of Élodie and Annabelle, the two women were however wrong on the tile. While Elodie asks her forgiveness for her mistake, Chef Cardone immediately loses her smile and responds curtly. Michel Sarran then tastes Louis and Enzo’s plate. Unfortunately, they made a mistake by putting orange instead of clementine in their preparation. As for Maxime and Teyssier, the chef congratulates them for having found all the ingredients for his dish but also for having cooked the bull to perfection.

At the end of this first test, Élodie, chef Cardonne, Enzo, Louis, Maxime and chef Teyssier are selected for the next stage.

Later, chef Sarran comes to congratulate Maxime for having been able to thwart the many pitfalls of his recipe and then advises him to have more confidence in his instinct. Looking for a young creative chef for his restaurant in San Francisco, he thinks Maxime would be the ideal candidate. However, to get the job, Delcourt’s son must first win the competition.


After being tricked by Lilia, Tom posts a video on social media in which he sets the record straight. Immediately, one of his most loyal subscribers sends him a message of support but he is quickly challenged by a certain “Kill Tom”. Following this, the hateful comments are linked under the video of the young man.

Annoyed, Tom fears losing his community and therefore his only of money to finance part of his education. Insofar as he refuses to stand idly by, Tom decides to return to ASMR and therefore records a live video. Unfortunately, the live did not have the desired effect since it arouses the anger of its detractors and more particularly that of Kill Tom. Despite the threats, Tom does not let himself be taken down and responds with humor, which does not please the Internet user who disconnects on the spot.

A few hours later, Tom is walking in the streets of Calvières when he is attacked by Kill Tom. Not having appreciated that he lacks respect, the latter hits him violently on several occasions. Fortunately, Amber, who is nearby, intervenes and hits him in the knee to stop him. Kill Tom then flees while Amber calls for help to report the assault.


At the institute, Souleymane is in a playful mood and offers to do a little speed competition with his new comrades. Deva and Souleymane therefore challenge Lionel and Kelly in a scooter race in the gardens. Seeing them do it, Antoine tries to put an end to the race but his son does not listen to him. Annoyed, he later reproaches him for having ridiculed him in front of the students but above all for sabotaging his work. No longer able to bear to see him having fun instead of thinking about his future, Antoine decided to change his method. From Wednesday, Souleymane will have to take care of the vegetable garden.

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