Here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 310 of Friday, January 7, 2022 …

here it all begins: what awaits you in episode 310 of friday, january 7, 2022 ...

In the next episode of “Here everything begins”. While Clotilde is fired from the competition, Antoine learns the truth about his son’s intentions. At the same time, Tom discovers that he has been trapped.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Here everything begins broadcast tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Friday January 7 in Here everything begins …


Teyssier summons Clotilde and Maxime in order to find out where they are in the recipe for the free trial of the competition. In reality, the principal is worried that the Lille school will win the victory because of his past with Annabelle Cardone. Indeed, the latter had spotted Teyssier when he was still only an apprentice. It was she who made him the pastry chef he is today. Only, he preferred to work with Auguste who had a lot more to bring him and left without warning her. Maxime therefore understands that Chief Cardone wants to make Emmanuel pay for his treason.

Later, chefs Teyssier and Sarran bring the participants together to explain the organization of the events which will start on Monday. For the first, they will have to reproduce a dish after a blind tasting.

Without waiting, each team starts training. If Enzo and Louis master the exercise, this is not the case with Clotilde and Maxime who cannot agree on what they have just tasted. While spirits are heating up, Emmanuel arrives in the kitchen and tries to understand what is going on. Clotilde then accuses Maxime of having taken the big head while the latter accuses her of not being concentrated enough. Since they made many mistakes in reconstructing the recipe, Teyssier urges them to put their differences aside and get back to work immediately.

However, Maxime needs some fresh air. While wandering in the kitchens, he surprises Élodie reproducing a dish under the supervision of Chef Cardone. Her former friend seeming to excel in the exercise, the Delcourt son hastens to join Emmanuel to tell him about the enormous progress she has made in the kitchen. As Clotilde continues to make mistakes since the start of training, he also warns him that they are going straight into the wall.

Worried that the boss Armand is allowed to be parasitized by her relationship problems, Teyssier confides in his wife. He then reveals to her that he fears seeing his reputation tarnished if the chief Cardone wins, but also of losing the institute in the event of Louis’ victory.

This is why Teyssier later meets with Clotilde to tell her that he is firing her from the competition to take her place alongside Maxime.


Following Olivia’s revelations, Antoine takes advantage of breakfast to ask his son for explanations. At the foot of the wall, he admits that he wanted to stay at the institute only to spend time with Deva. Understanding that Rose had known about her lies for weeks, Antoine questions her to find out why she did this. Rose explains therefore that she found his attitude very harsh when he learned that her son wanted to leave his business school. By agreeing to cover him up, she hoped to give him time to find his way. As he still needs to think, Rose asks her companion to give him until the end of the school year to make a decision. Unfortunately, Antoine is formally opposed to it.

Although he does not know what he wants to do, Souleymane refuses to return to Montpellier. Insofar as Antoine wants him to resume his studies, Rose encourages him instead to let her son do short courses so that he can determine what pleases him. Resistant at first, Antoine ends up agreeing to Souleymane’s motivation.


At the institute, Greg and Lionel tease Tom about the interview he gave. The young man not understanding what they are talking about, Greg shows him the video that Lilia posted on his Youtube channel “Lilia trap you”. In it, she uses the comments filmed without her knowledge to openly accuse the influencer of not respecting her community and of manipulating Salomé to put her in her bed.

At worst, Tom is unable to perform his double A service. As he prepares to take the air, Salomé calls out to him. He tries to explain himself by swearing that his words have been distorted but she can hardly believe it. And Salomé to order him never to speak to him again outside of class.

Shortly after, Tom is called into the principal’s office to discuss the video that is currently making the buzz on the net. For Antoine, it would be better if he disappeared from social networks until this story settles but Rose thinks on the contrary that this would make the situation worse. The reputation of the institute being in the balance, Rose therefore urges him to post a video in which he clearly explains the situation.

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