Here it all begins: the sex tape that will change Clotilde’s life – News Séries on TV

here it all begins: the sex tape that will change clotilde's life - news séries on tv

In the next episodes of “Here it all begins”, a sex tape will light the fuse, if necessary, of an open war between Clotilde and Laetitia.

Warning, this article contains many spoilers on the next episodes of Here it all begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

When the faithful of Here it all begins are about to say goodbye to Maxime (Clément Rémiens), the choice of Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu) between Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) and Laetitia (Florence Coste) will be at the center of all the attention. And as much to say from the outset that we have not finished hearing about this love triangle during the next episodes of the daily success of TF1.

If since their wedding anniversary Clotilde believes that a future is still possible with her husband, Guillaume has meanwhile realized that he could not live without Laetitia with whom he is madly in love. Having decided to make the choice of the heart, Guillaume however claimed a little more time in order to find the right words to announce the news to Clotilde.

However, things will speed up and the deputy headmaster will soon lose control of the issue.

In the episode which will be broadcast on Monday evening on TF1, the two lovers will meet in the school locker room and then give in to temptation by sharing an intimate moment in a cabin. Unfortunately for them, Lionel (Lucien Belves) and Greg (Mikaël Mittelstadt) will come back to collect things and hear moans. Amused, they will then grab a phone to film the scene.

A stolen sex tape that will not be without consequences as one can easily imagine. While the video will create many stories within the institute, Clotilde will discover the truth in a particularly brutal way.

According to information from News News, she will indeed surprise Greg and Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) watching the sex tape of Guillaume and Laetitia. In shock, chef Armand asks her students to remove her immediately but it is already too late because half of her class is already aware of Guillaume’s infidelity. And inevitably, the rumor will not take long to spread in the corridors of the prestigious gastronomic school.

Clotilde, who is humiliated, will therefore confront her husband. After he assures her that he never wanted to hurt her, Guillaume no longer wants to lie and puts an end to their story before moving in with Laetitia.

With this break, it’s a whole new plot rich in twists and turns that will begin next week in Here it all begins.

In a new excerpt unveiled in preview on MYTF1, Clotilde has been exhausted since she came across her husband’s sex tape. As she tries to provide her lessons as best she can, chef Armand faints in front of her students.

A discomfort that could impact the happiness of Laetitia and Guillaume who “ do not suspect that a revelation will come to upset their budding idyll. if the official synopses are to be believed.

Could Guillaume reconsider his decision? Still according to the synopses, Laetitia is in any case “ convinced that Clotilde is hiding behind Guillaume’s reversal. “. While the amorous adventures of the assistant principal will animate all the discussions during the next episodes of Here everything begins, ” Kelly [va faire] an important discovery » which will push her to confront Clotilde so that she « restore the truth “. Moreover, everything suggests that chef Armand is hiding a secret that will undoubtedly sow discord.

The faithful of the soap opera can therefore already expect an explosive confrontation between the two women who will even come to blows ».

The coming weeks will not be easy and the hatchet is not ready to be buried between Laetitia and Clotilde.

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