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Best Villas In Maharashtra In 2020 For A Splendid Getaway

Best Villas In Maharashtra: The greenery and lush green landscape of the region attracts people throughout the year in Maharashtra. Khandala, Bhimashankar and Lonavala are some of the top places where you want to stay close to nature. At the same time, people who want to experience urban life in Maharashtra, Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur are their favorite destinations.

For accommodation, you will get enough options, even if you are in Maharashtra. But if you want to stay at the top in comfort and highest comfort, then you will want to book a villa. Are here Best Villas in Maharashtra It gives you a great experience during your entire stay.

7 beautiful villas in Maharashtra

Be sure to read this list for all the details and important details about the villas in Maharashtra that you want to book.

Best Villas In Maharashtra
Best Villas In Maharashtra

1. Karjat Villa

Karjat is a favorite place for trekking and hiking enthusiasts. If you want to enjoy some of the best natural beauty, Karjat is the place where you want to stay. The property is situated in a breathtaking space, providing a home atmosphere and comfort. The rooms are spacious, constructed with warm colors and furnished with the necessary furnishings.

There are other facilities like multipurpose hall, gate-to-room and a beautiful garden in front. You can enjoy a fun time in the swimming pool or burn bonfire in the lawn during the summer months. Songiri Fort, Irshalgarh and Sondai Fort are the best places where you can roam around.

place: Karjat Matheran Road Village- – Vadavali, District – Raigad, Karjat Town, Karjat 41065 City India
cost: INR 25,000 – INR 30,000

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2. Silver Oak Villa

Panchgani is one of the most visited destinations in Maharashtra and if you are looking for a good villa in the region, then Silver Oak Villa is one of the best options you have. Situated in a very convenient location in Panchgani, Silver Oak Villa offers comfortable facilities and well maintained rooms.

The scenery around the villa is mind-blowing. The villa is equipped with flat screen satellite TV, a balcony and a seating area for all. The outdoor pool and roof BBQ allow you to enjoy yourself fully with your friends and family. You can rent a bike and explore the rich natural landscape around the place.

place: Behind Blue Country Resort, Shahunagar, Panchgani, Maharashtra 412805
cost: INR 3500 – INR 4000

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3. Fazlani’s Nest Nest

Which one of you are looking for Luxury Villas in Maharashtra, Head of Lonavala and adjust yourself at the Fazlani Energes Nest Wellness Center & Spa. A very popular villa around this area, it is actually a place where you can relax and refresh your mind and body. The peaceful atmosphere and the aesthetically appealing guest provide a good value for the guests.

There is an outdoor swimming pool, a fitness center and lush green gardens inside the complex. The breathtaking views from the swimming pool make you want to stay there all day. Head to the Wellness Center, for a relaxing experience. All rooms of this villa are equipped with TV, AC and other necessary facilities.

place: Sox Flora Farm Village Takwe, Taluka, Vadgaon, Maharashtra 412106
cost: INR 6000 – INR 8200

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4. Echo Stay – Casa de Alibag

Known for Alibaug Beach and Versoli Beach, Alibaug is a coastal city located close to the southern part of Mumbai. The tropical climate of this beach town attracts a lot of tourists and locals to come here and enjoy the warm atmosphere. Echo Stay- Casa de Alibaug is one of Best Villas in Maharashtra That you can choose to live in.

The villa is beautifully decorated with antiques and eye-catching souvenirs that rejuvenate the entire look of the villa. Next to the swimming pool, you can relax on rocking chairs and sip on your favorite drink. All rooms are warmly decorated with soothing colors that call for a beautiful picture.

place: Alibag Rewas Road Thal Beach Road, Near Vasudev Ganesh Ranade High School, 402201
cost: INR 13,000

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5. Mridagandha Forest Villa

If you like to travel in the jungles and want to be really close to the greenery away from the city, then Mridagandha forest villa is one Best Villas in Maharashtra Located in radish. This luxury villa offers a spectacular hilltop view and is equipped with great amenities like a shared lounge, terrace, BBQ and more.

The rooms come with spacious balconies, which allow you to enjoy and sit in the scenic beauty of the Mulshi forest located nearby. The pet-friendly villa includes 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and dining area for all to enjoy together. Visit Pavana Lake located within 10 km of this villa and enjoy a wonderful day with your family and friends.

place: Girivan, Dongargaon, Maharashtra 412108
cost: INR 13,500 – INR 15,000

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6. Mavi Infinity Villa

If budget is not a factor and you want to experience living on one of the best Pool Villas in Maharashtra, Then Mavi Infinity Villa is an option you need to consider. Located just 45 minutes from Lonavala, Mavi Villa is actually close to the Tung Fort. Enjoy the clear views of Pavana Lake from the balcony and watch the sunset and sunset from the terrace.

The infinity swimming pool lets you enjoy having fun with others throughout the day. The bathroom is fitted with a glass ceiling to offer a beautiful skyview. Guests are also entitled to continental and vegetarian breakfast every morning in the villa.

place: Pavana Dam, Lonavala, Colechaffer, Maharashtra 410506
cost: INR 18,000 – INR 20,000

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7. Lavasa Lake Palace

Lavasa is an offbeat destination in Maharashtra which is home to some of the best Villas on rent in Maharashtra. This Lake Palace is located next to Lavasa Lake and the balconies of this villa. You will get spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and the pristine waters of the lake.

The villa has BBQ facilities and a luxury restaurant that offers world class cuisine to the guests staying here. The villa has 3 bedrooms, kitchen and a beautiful dining space. The rooms have a royal look and a royal appeal that is definitely worth your Instagram feed. If you want to relax and freshen yourself up, you can sit near the jacuzzi or enjoy some time with others at the pool table.

place: 002, Portofino, Daswe, Lavasa, Maharashtra 412112
cost: INR 7200 – INR 8500

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So, here were some of the best holiday villas in Maharashtra that you can choose to book if you want to make your holiday in Maharashtra memorable. All the villas have great reviews and are located in great locations which makes them an attractive destination for holiday lovers.

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