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Here Are The 8 Best Portable Chargers for Traveling

Whether you are traveling across the country or just across town, you will surely find yourself in a situation where wall plugs are not available when you desperately need to recharge your laptop or smartphone. To help ensure that all of your devices have enough power until you reach your destination, we’ve put together this list of the best portable battery packs to keep in your bag. You’ll find a variety of options, including all-in-one powerhouses like the Omnicharge, MagSafe battery packs that snap right into the back of your iPhone, and even a budget pick or two so you can save your pennies for holiday shopping. . Read on for the best portable chargers for your vacation trips.

Anker 622 Magnetic Battery (MagGo)

Two anker 622 magnetic batteries on a desk while the phones are charging.

Anker is a marquis brand of chargers and accessories, and the 622 MagGo battery pack here is something of a culmination. Compatible with Apple’s new MagSafe functionality introduced in iPhone 12 and 13 generations, this Qi-style wireless battery will instantly find its way to your iPhone’s sweet spot. There’s also an origami-style folding stand on that back that doubles as a gripping surface when glued to the back of your phone and a stand when you lay it on a table, a useful added feature when you’re spending hours on a train or a plane and is looking to catch up on his Netflix.

But you don’t need an iPhone to find value here. At 12.8 millimeters, this is simply a high-quality, ultra-slim battery bank with 5,000 mAh capacity, which means you can connect a tablet or phone via the USB-C port for old-fashioned charging. Thanks to Anker’s mini-cell technology, this thing can be kept in your pocket. The 622 battery pack is available in a ton of cool colors including Interstellar Gray, Misty Blue, and Lilac Purple.

Best budget: Aukey PB-Wl02 Basix

Person who charges his phone with the Aukey PB-Wl02 Basix on the go.

Aukey, another ubiquitous budget brand that offers high-quality battery charging at a lower price, comes with the Basix as our favorite affordable charger for a few reasons. First of all, the sleek, slim design places this charger basically the exact thickness of a smartphone’s footprint inside a slime case. This makes it ideal for vacation travel as you can easily store it in your backpack or back pocket.

The PM-WL02 has an admirable 10,000 mAh capacity, which offers plenty of power to charge a phone more than a few times, and because it has Qi wireless charging functionality, you won’t even need a cable. There’s even a stiff little kickstand sticking out of the back, allowing you to hold a phone in a landscape orientation to watch videos on your ride. While there’s support for up to 10W of charging, it’s not the fastest charger out there, and the ultra-basic LED indicator lights don’t provide as much detail as a higher-priced option. But for the price, the PB-WL02 is really easy to recommend.

Agile Champion

An iPhone sits on a desk connected to a teal Nimble Champ portable charger.

At just three by two inches, at less than an inch thick, the Nimble Champ is simply one of the most compact chargers on the market. That size makes it a great option when traveling because it is easy to store in the side pockets of backpacks or hold it behind the phone while you charge it. There is no wireless charging functionality here, but thanks to the 18W power supply charging, you’ll want to use it wired anyway. This thing offers a lot more power than the size implies, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously and charge up to 10,000 mAh of charge. And because this is a Nimble battery pack, there is a focus on using recycled materials to make, ship, and package the battery. It’s good, clean energy that you can feel good about too.

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 with MagSafe cases on.
Budrul Chukrut / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images)

In build quality alone, the official Apple MagSafe battery pack is one of the best options on this list, but it does carry the need for a 12 or 13 generation iPhone. While you can technically manipulate it to charge anything that has the Wireless charging coils on the back, this slim little bundle is best designed for use with the latest iPhones. The capacity isn’t huge, but it does provide up to 70% extra charge on your iPhone, depending on the model you have and the battery-intensive tasks you perform regularly. Once the package is magnetically attached to the back of the iPhone, there are even some nifty little software indicators to track performance, built right into iOS. You’ll pay Apple Premium for the fit and finish and the extra software bells and whistles, but for Apple fans on the go, this is a really safe bet.

Omnicharge Omni 20+

The Omnicharge Omni 20+ sitting on a desk.

One thing about portable batteries is that not all of them have the power you need to charge your most power-hungry devices like a laptop, tablet, or Nintendo Switch. The Omni 20+ is a device that lives up to its name. With enough power output capabilities to charge even a heavy-duty laptop, this little square is something of a Swiss army knife from the battery banks on our list. There’s up to 100 watts of power through the side AC outlet, which means you can even power something that requires a standard three-prong outlet. There’s a 60-watt USB-C port for power consumers in your tote bag, plus two 18-watt USB-A ports for charging a couple of phones as well. What we really like about the Omni 20+ is the form factor – with a clear and detailed indicator display to monitor temperatures, output, and battery status, plus lots of large buttons to properly control your juice, they are not needed. guesswork here. This is just a sleek, high-quality battery bank that will charge or power pretty much any device you throw at it.

Zero travel cube

A Zero Travel Cube charger sits on a desk next to a laptop.

Zero is a bit new in the phone power peripherals space, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few tricks up its sleeve. Zero’s Qi certified battery pack ecosystem contains an option called the Travel Cube. Basically this product takes two of its ultra-portable slim portable battery chargers and puts them in a third central power bank in a small, travel-friendly block. This intermediate device also doubles as its own portable charger, allowing you to charge a phone with the USB-C port while charging two of the slim battery banks. This is an obvious advantage for travelers who want a lot of extra power, tons of options, and a slim package to throw in their bag.

The 10,000 mAh capacity is a solid amount of room for smartphone charging, but when you factor in two additional Zero battery packs (which you have to buy separately from the travel cube), it almost doubles the total charging capacity. The Travel Cube comes in a sleek white footprint, which makes it look really nice, even with two pads charging over it, and it features nice bright LED indicators to monitor the remaining battery capacity. We would have liked to see the Qi wireless charging available at the hub point, but this is a small complaint about the functionality that the larger Zero ecosystem offers.

Techsmarter 30000mAh waterproof charger

Techsmarter 30,000 mAh waterproof charger paired with an orange backpack packed with gear.

Most of the portable chargers on our list, as the word “portable” indicates, are travel-friendly products that will survive a trip quite easily. This 30,000 mAh Techsmarter Battery Pack goes that extra mile by putting the battery pack you need to keep your devices charged in a thick, sturdy and durable case. This charger comes with an IP66 certification which means that your charger will be protected from both heavy rainfall and a fair amount of dirt and dust. This makes it ideal for those who spend the holidays camping or hiking, or those who are a little clumsier than most. The Techsmarter charger also features a built-in flashlight for added functionality, plus an SOS mode if you’re stranded on the side of the road. Of course, this battery pack is also not far behind for charging functionality, boasting a 45W power delivery capacity for charging larger devices and a standard 18W charging output for fast charging on phones. smart phones, and enough power to run a tablet. The design is a bit bulky and it’s not the slimmest device to put in your bag, but much of the durability makes up for it.

Anker PowerCore Fusion III

The Anker PowerCore Fusion III portable charger is used on the go.

Many of the portable chargers on this list have multiple ports to charge phones and tablets simultaneously, but in many cases, you can’t charge the internal bank of the portable charger while doing so. The Anker PowerCore Fusion III is a fascinating hybrid because, on the surface, it looks like one of Anker’s super capable wall-loading bricks. Instead, the Fusion also bakes on a battery bank, so while it’s plugged into a wall and charging your devices, the internal battery is also getting full.

This is ideal for those long waits at the airport where wall chargers are often readily available. You can connect to the hike to keep your phone and tablet charged before your flight, but you’ll also be simultaneously charging your backup battery bank. Because this charger is made by Anker, you can expect clean quality and output, with 18W high-speed USB-C ports for your most demanding devices. At just 5,000 mAh of capacity, this isn’t the largest charger you’ll find, but thanks to the foldable wall plugs and added 2-in-1 functionality, this is a great battery backup to have at your disposal as you came to the season. Christmas.

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