69 Heart Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Heart tattoos symbolize love and life.  The heart keeps us alive.  Heart tattoos have various meanings depending on its design.  Some women add the name of their loved one on their heart tattoo.  A sacred heart is a religious tattoo which symbolizes sacredness.  A heart tattoo can also be used as a tribute or a memorial to represent a deceased person. Most women would love to have a heart tattoo design.

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24. Heart Wrist Tattoos

Heart Foot Tattoos

If you are looking for the best way to express self-love then look no further.

25. Heart Tattoos with Arrow

Heart Star Tattoos

A black heart pierced by an arrow with the word “true love”.

26. Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos

Scrolls are used in adding flair to this small crowned heart tattoo.

27. Heart Finger Tattoos

Heart Tattoos Behind Ear

King and queen tattoos are inked on the index fingers of the couple.

28. Heart Tattoos Designs

Heart Tattoos Designs
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There are various designs, shapes, styles, and colors for heart tattoos.

29. Heart Tattoos Designs For Men

Ouch! That hurts!

30. Heart Tattoos Designs Ideas

Heart Tattoos Designs Ideas

The heart is the most precious organ given to us by God.

31. Realistic Tattoo

Heart Tattoos Designs With Names

A tattoo can be placed in any part of the body.  It can also look great on an existing body art.

32. Tattoos For Men

Heart Tattoos For Couples

A black heart tattoo indicates sadness.

33. Heart Tattoos For Girls

Heart Tattoos For Girls

This heart tattoo is a declaration of self-love.

34. Heart Tattoos For Guys

Heart Tattoos For Guys

A crowned heart with two black roses and some ropes.

35. Love Tattoo

Heart Tattoos For Men

Heart tattoos are universally recognized as a symbol of love and compassion.

36. Creative Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoos For Women

Some people want to carve a heart tattoo on their body so as to show their love and affection.

37. Heart Tattoos Ideas

Heart Tattoos Ideas

Heart tattoos can represent a number of things which allows flexibility and creativity.

38. Inspiring Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoos Meaning

With its flexibility, there are numerous designs that can be blended with it.

39. Realistic Black and Gray Tattoo

Heart Tattoos Men

I’ll play life to a beat.

40. Awesome Heart Tattoo

Heart Tattoos On Wrist

My aim is true.

41. Winged Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos Pinterest

A heart combined with wings can have a lot of meanings.  It can mean that the love has flown away.

42. Realistic Heart Designs

Heart Tattoos Tumblr

An anatomical version of a human heart tattoo.

43. Heart Tattoo Designs for Women

Heart Tattoos With Kids Names

A pierced heart tattoo symbolizes a romantic love. Cupid shoots the people’s hearts in order to make them fall in love.

44. Tribal Heart Tattoos

Heart Tattoos With Names

A tribal heart tattoo in black ink looks timeless and classy.

45. Tattoo With Quotes

Heart Tattoos With Names In Them

Only one can set me free.

46.  Beautiful Heart Tattoo

Little Heart Tattoos

Hearts and roses are both symbols of love.

47.  Classy Heart Tattoo

Lovely Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are widely known due to its deeper symbolic meanings.

48. Heart Tattoos With Names

Love Quotes For Tattoos For Couples

The most common heart tattoos are Cupid’s arrow.

49. Heart And Bird Tattoo

Love Tattoos Designs

In ancient Greek culture, the heart is typically linked to emotional and spiritual intelligence.

50. Anatomical Heart Tattoos Designs

Love Tattoos Girls

Romantic people may not like anatomical heart tattoos.

51. Chest Tattoos Guys

Lower Back Tattoos Guys

A winged heart tattoo can also symbolize “free spirit.”

52. Lower Leg Tattoos Women

Lower Back Tattoos Women

Heart tattoos are trending in the world of tattoos.

53. Heart with Scissors

Matching Tattoos For Couples Tumblr

Anatomical heart tattoos don’t have to be horrific and bloody. You can choose several conceptual illustrations.

54. Tattoos for Girls

Name Tattoos Girls

In the modern religion, heart represents the place of the soul.

55. Heart Tattoos Women

Name Tattoos Women

There are a lot of things that you can do to show your love for someone.  One of them is to have a tattoo with his/her name on it.

56. Meaningful Heart Tattoos

Rose Tattoos Girls

Heart tattoo ideas typically symbolize love, but it can also be a representation of unity.

57. Unique Tattoo

Rose Tattoos Guys

The heart is also a symbol of procreation.  Creating something unique and divine from a union such as the birth of a child.

58. Heart Tattoo with Stars

Rose Tattoos Women

Heart tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo lovers.

59. Simple Heart Tattoos

Simple Heart Tattoos

A framed heart tattoo.

60. Heart Tattoo with Flowers

Small Heart Foot Tattoos

Heart and flowers are the best combinations of tattoos.

61. Bleeding Heart Tattoo

Small Heart Star Tattoos

The pierced heart is cut in half.

62.  Amazing Tattoos

Small Heart Tattoos

The realistic drawing of a heart tattoo is totally gorgeous.

63. Small Heart Tattoos Tumblr

This is a Keith Haring-inspired heart tattoo.  You can combine your heart tattoo with a unique work of your favorite artist such as this one.

64. Heart Tattoo with Anchor

Small Simple Heart Tattoos

This tattoo has a diamond-like effect.

65. Small Heart Tattoos

Small Star Tattoos

These tattoos are one of the most classic tattoo designs.

66. Charming Tattoos

Heart tattoos can be seen in 3d, tribal, watercolor, and other styles.

67. Paw Print Tattoo

This is a combination of a heart, infinity and paw tattoos.

68. Tattoos For Couples In Love

Tattoos For Couples Pinterest

A tattoo does not have to be realistic to be beautiful.

69. Tattoos For People In Love

Tattoos For Couples That Connect

Forever love tattoo.

There are various design elements that you can add to your heart tattoos in order to make it look stylish and unique.  If you want to dedicate your heart tattoo to a loved one then you can include his/her name on it.  Heart tattoos are usually in red color, however, you can choose to use other colors based on your own preference.  Show your love and compassion by having a heart tattoo.  Heart tattoos can be meaningful and symbolic too.  Do you have your own heart tattoo design? If so then please show it to us on comments.

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