Healthy wealth is omnipotent – Health is Wealth – Healthy Wealth

Healthy wealth is omnipotent – Health is Wealth – Healthy Wealth

From time immemorial, it has been said that health is wealth”. I also agree with this maxim. But at the same time, I have certain reservations too. And that has a lot to do with today’s way of life.

First of all, let me be clear about what I mean when I say “health is wealth”? The obvious inference from this phrase “healthy wealth” is as if there is some unhealthy wealth too. Of course, it is true. There exists unhealthy wealth.

Healthy wealth is omnipotent
Healthy wealth is omnipotent

Let me explain it. Very simple- wealth that is earned in an unhealthy way is, to me, an unhealthy wealth. How an “unhealthy wealth” is created? When an individual in whatever capacity- whether working as an engineer or a doctor or a journalist or a lawyer or even a mason- goes against the order of nature by way of creating wealth,  it is precisely the “unhealthy wealth” according to me.

What else can I call it when in order to just amass wealth, one compromises with himself by working against his body clock. Often we hear people mostly professional lamenting very frustratingly about not meeting their assigned targets.  And in their zeal to meet their targets, they leave no stone unturned without caring for their health- both physical and mental. They work day and night and consume unhealthy junk food and have hardly time for workout.

Ultimately after retaining this life cycle for some period, they land in some cardiologist’s clinic and enroll themselves in the abysmal list of heart patients of one nature or the other. What they get in all this is, as I stated before, nothing but unhealthy wealth”. And it is this “unhealthy wealth” which is not at all omnipotent. By contrast, the point will become all the more clear.

Healthy wealth is omnipotent
Healthy wealth is omnipotent

Now, coming to the title “healthy wealth”, I mean the wealth earned not only by our uncompromising attitude to life but also by keeping ourselves physically fit- hale and hearty. And, in a nutshell, it is this wealth that He, the almighty, bestows on us of his free will.  The only condition is that it requires our whole hearted devotion and pure submission to Him (God).

There exists a very firm union with Him. And those who have this firm tie with Him strongly feel the vibrations within themselves. And it is these devotional vibrations which enriches you and fill your coffers with such a wealth which no one on earth can dare to steel. You earn a monopoly on this blessed wealth. And this patent makes you omnipotent not only in your own esteem but in the eyes of this perishable world as well.

And what is more- this wealth remains forever even though you depart from this transitory world after your journey is over at the ordains of the almighty. It is this wealth of your love for mankind, kindness, and your unconditional help for the helpless and selfless service to one and all that is really “healthy wealth” which god bestows on us without any discrimination. But we, mortals as we are, often fail to address ourselves to this bountiful blessing of god and thus deprive ourselves of this “healthy wealth”

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