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Healthy skin tips during the winter season

Healthy skin tips during the winter season

Healthy skin tips for all kind of skins. Winter is the season when the skin suffers the most. It loses its natural moisture and needs tending to almost every hour. Albeit keeping skin in good condition becomes hectic during winters the most.

Healthy skin tips

If you don’t take care of your skin properly at this time, it might do more damage to you in the long run. It can become prone to cracking and bleeding. In fact, even fine lines might appear. Also, since we tend to take a warm bath at this time, our pores open up and leak more moisture from the skin.

Tips for healthy skin during winters

Additional moisture in the form of moisturizers and body lotions do help, but you do need to take some measures to naturally fight this drying process. Take these skin care tips to maintain and hydrate your skin during winters –

Add enough barriers to dry skin

Don’t let the wind blow and take away whatever moisture is there in your skin. Wear gloves, scarves, anything that would keep you warm and also give you the right protection. For best skin care, apply some lotion and then dress up in winter wears. This will actually make your skin softer over time.

But choose your moisturizers carefully

There are some moisturizers that can actually rob your skin of the natural moisture. Yes, the petroleum jelly based moisturizers can further dry your skin. Always go for oil-based rather than water-based moisturizers. You can also dab some coconut oil over your body alternatively, to keep yourself warm during these winters.

Healthy skin tips

Bathe in lukewarm water

While it might be very alluring to go, take bath in boiling hot water that feels like bliss, bathing in lukewarm water is actually recommended. This will not strip off natural oils, but it will feel good. Make sure to make this bath of 5 minutes or less. The lesser time you are exposed to this water, the lesser your skin will lose moisture.

Moisturize the damp skin

Apply your lotions and moisturizers right after you shower. This will help seal the moisture into your skin. Keep a bottle nearby so that you can dab it on your skin before leaving the washroom.

Replace heater with humidifier

Heaters again make you lose moisture. One of the best good skin tips is to replace the heater with a humidifier. This will put moisture back into the air and this means your skin will not lose any additional moisture.


Drink ample water

We tend to not drink a lot of water during winters. This is primarily because our body does not need much water compared to the summers. However if you can drink ample water, it would show up on your skin. For best skin care, add some lemon to warm water and see how it affects your skin.

More tips for healthy skin

  • For rough and cracked feet: To prevent this, wear socks to bed and if you are already affected, use lotions that have lactic acid in them. Scrub your feet with pumice stones once a week to remove dead skin cells.
  • Dry skin: To get rid of dry skin, give yourself a milk/oatmeal or oil bath. Just mix a few drops of olive oil in your bath water and use it. Also immediately apply lotion after giving yourself this oil-water bath to trap in the moisture.
  • Chapped lips: One of the daily struggles during winters is lips getting dry. The best way to beat this is to keep a tube of lip balm with you at all times. If your lips are getting flaky, then grab a toothbrush and very gently scrub off your lips.
  • Itchy or dry scalp: If your scalp has become itchy or dry, apply some coconut or olive oil before hopping in into the shower. It can moisturize your hair and replenish the dry skin of the scalp as well.


Serial no. Body care Face care
1 Stay hydrated Moisturize frequently
2 Apply lactic acid-based lotion Keep lip balm handy
3 Apply lotion after bath Apply Vitamin E
4 Bath with lukewarm water Scrub gently


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