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Much has been said about the latest innovations in the health sector. Politicians continue to bicker and have no solid plan to replace the current plan. Some analysts believe that if this Trump administration plan passes the Senate, their proposal will leave more than 23 million people without coverage by 2026. The Affordable Care Act is and was simply put in place to help Americans who were once unable to obtain it. type of coverage, finally get the care he or she might need. Second, it has also helped more than enough people with pre-existing conditions to get coverage. And third, there is the concern for affordability; it is for people who do not have enough money to pay for their insurance on their own, the current law provides for financial assistance for those who are entitled to receive money from the government.

The problem with today’s guidelines is that the plans are based on: age, geographic location, ability to pay, increasing cost of medical technology, and taxes. Note that nothing is mentioned about your general health. Until the underwriting process is brought back into the equation, insurers will never be able to accurately measure their risk and set premiums at affordable rates. The message to insurers is that no one should be denied health insurance because of their finances or health issues to help protect against financial losses when and if they occur.

At that time, the majority of insurance companies, especially those that specialize in the healthcare industry, jumped on the band wagon with lower premiums knowing that financial aid would be there to help pay. the cover. The plans were and are designed to essentially take Americans’ money before paying any claims. Once the claims started coming from more than enough people, insurers realized their premiums were too low and began to suffer financial losses. It is no coincidence today why as consumers we hear about major healthcare carriers withdrawing from the market and are no longer willing to participate in the upcoming 2018 season in the ACA format.

The solution for consumers, we must educate ourselves and grasp a good understanding and not listen to all the media rhetoric. We need a range of insurance products to qualify for certain types of claims. Whether it is loss of life, inability to work for a period of time, or failing health, our money needs to be protected at reasonable rates. Do it now while you are still healthy with the right kind of life and health insurance plans; subscription is the key.

There are more than enough life and health insurance companies offering benefits to protect your money. They never got into this affordable care dilemma. Today, insurance is still sold on the basis of individual risk factors. These types of plans, be it Accidents, Cancer, Critical Illness, Dreaded Illness, Hospitalization, Preventive Care, and Wellness, also known as MEC (Essential Minimum Coverage). ) or life insurance policies are and always will be available.

The Affordable Care Act is a good law that needs to be revised, not replaced. In the current environment of government uncertainty, why listen to such chaos? “People are perishing because of a lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4: 6a. Now that you have received this knowledge, do not perish; be encouraged and do what’s right for your family and your finances.

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