Health Benefits of Cinnamon: Why cinnamon is beneficial?

Health Benefits of Cinnamon for heart and weight lossBenefits of cinnamon, cinnamon powder for health

Cinnamon is a popular spice which is obtained from the bark of the tree from the genus cinnamomum in the form of cinnamon sticks. Cinnamon has been there since ages as the cinnamon powders, cinnamon teas etc and it was well known to the ancients for its medicinal and therapeutic benefits. There are numerous health benefits of cinnamon sticks which are no less than wonderful. It is also seen that cinnamon is taken along with the honey as a weight loss natural remedy. So, here are top 10 benefits of cinnamon for health.

Health benefits of Cinnamon and why it is beneficial?

1. Cinnamon benefits in constipation

Cinnamon is known to smoothen the bowel movements and prevents constipation. It also aids in gastric, acid reflux and indigestion. All of these stomach related problems can be the breeding place of most other problems in the body therefore, a healthy gut or digestive tract highly impacts the overall well being of the body and cinnamon can great help with that.

2. Cinnamon benefits in fighting tooth decay

Cinnamon has anti microbial and anti bacterial properties which makes it efficient to reduce the tooth decay and oral plaque, other than the very popular clove oil. Adding some cinnamon oil or chewing a piece of cinnamon is good to keep the oral cavity clean for a longer time. This also prevents bad breath.

3. Cinnamon regulates blood sugar

Cinnamon also regulates the blood sugar levels by lower down the blood sugar hence it is wonderful to include cinnamon in food to keep diabetes in check. Cinnamon can be taken in as the powder form as well.

4. Enhances immunity and defense mechanism

Cinnamon is a potent anti microbial with antioxidants properties. All this, along with the cinnamon’ nutrients make and strengthen the body’ immune system. When the immune system is enhanced, it pushes to fortify the body’s defense mechanism as a result of which body can easily ward off common cold and flu on its own. Hence, cinnamon helps strengthening the immunity.

5. Keeps body active and sluggish free

Cinnamon helps keeps the system clean and body feels non sluggish. One the sluggish feeling is there, laziness creeps in and cinnamon can very well keep the body sluggish free when ingested in small amount daily.

6. Cinnamon keeps heart healthy

Another health benefit of cinnamon is that it lowers down the amount of LDLs (Low Density lipoproteins), commonly known as bad cholesterol. When the bad cholesterol gets accumulated on the inner lining of the arteries, it leads to rise in the blood pressure and put arteries at a risk of atherosclerosis. Cinnamon lowers that bad cholesterol hence protects the heart from heart attack and atherosclerosis thus aids in a healthy heart.

7. Aids in treating yeast infection

Cinnamon has another good health benefit where it cures some of the medically resisted yeast infections. This also applies to the E.coli. Cinnamon oil application on the yeast infected areas is highly beneficial like genitals where yeast infection is more common.

8. Prevents osteoporosis and arthritis

Cinnamon has high levels of manganese which is required to the bone formation in the body and the other connective tissue. Cinnamon helps with the arthritis due to its high manganese’s levels and also prevents osteoporosis.

9. Cinnamon to help with weight loss

Cinnamon makes the blood thinner which leads to increased blood circulation. Increased blood circulation then leads to high body metabolism which eventually aids in weight loss. Taking cinnamon with honey helps in weight loss.

10. Cinnamon oil as a massage oil for joints

Cinnamon oil is an amazing aromatic, therapeutic massage oil which helps relieve the tension and joint ache. It also reduces the inflammation of the joints like in the case of knee joints. Massing with cinnamon oil helps relive the pain from the body and joints.

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